Pioneer Makes It Simple

Many of us spend a good portion of our day in our vehicles and this space quickly becomes our own personal sanctuary.

In fact, our registered product owners spend an average of 30 mins to two hours on their daily commute. For some, that’s more than 20 days of 24/7 commuting per year. With all this time spent in our cars, why not make the best of it?!

Upgrading your car stereo or speakers can be an intimidating task, particularly for audio novices. But installing a navigation system or replacing existing speakers isn’t just for the experts and enthusiasts. In this four-part video series, we'll simplify the basics of car audio and show you how to jump in and get started. Created for anyone interested in a simple 101 on car audio, especially first time buyers of aftermarket car audio products, "Make It Simple" will shed some light on and demystify this perviously intimidating purchase.


Our exciting new host, Lana will cover topics including:

  • Why should you upgrade your current stereo and speakers?
  • Why Pioneer products are heralded by car audio experts?
  • What are some common installation myths?
  • Where to buy authorized product for full post-purchase support?



Check back every week for a new installment of the “Make it Simple” series!

Pioneer Makes it Simple -- Why Upgrade? Pioneer Makes if Simple Video Part 2 Why Pioneer? Pioneer Makes it Simple -- Installation Myths