USB Powered Computer Speakers

  • 1.75" Aluminum Drivers (x2)
  • Compact, portable design color-matched to MacBook Pro® and MacBook Air®
  • USB Powered - no need for a separate power cable



Compact design. Giant Sound.

For as advanced as computers are, there’s one area that they’ve been sadly lacking in. Until now. Introducing the Pioneer S-MM251 USB Powered Speakers. These cool looking, digital PC speakers give you what your laptop speakers can’t: crisp, high-quality audio.

USB Powered.

Since they’re powered through your computer’s USB port, that means there’s one less AC adapter to mess with. So instead of trying to find a plug, you’ve found great audio reproduction straight out of your computer.

Small speaker. Big features.

How did we get such great sound in a small package? Built-in audio-decoding on the S-MM251 speakers removes noise the PC makes. Its Bass Reflex Port enhances the bass output, improving sound quality even more. And the metal driver improves the speaker’s rigidity, making for less audio distortion.

Their small, softly-rounded design and USB-charging feature mean these speakers are perfect travel companions since they can be used with any USB device anywhere, anytime.

Available in black or silver, the S-MM251 speakers are required equipment to bring you computer into the new audio age.