Why won't my Cycle Computer pair with my Pioneer Power Meter?

There are four possible reasons that the sensors cannot be detected:

1. The Pioneer Power Meter is in the wrong Mode. Pioneer Power Meters are set in a default ANT+ Mode for easy connection to ANT+ Computers (including Pioneer computers) as “Power”. For maximum performance when used with a Pioneer Cycle Computer, the Power Meters Sensors should be switched to Pedaling Mode.

From the main menu, select [Option] [Pedaling Settings] [Mode Switch]. Check both Left and Right boxes and enter the ANT+ ID for each side, select [Pedaling Mode]. Be sure to rotate the crank 3 to 4 times to wake up the Sensors during this process.

2. The computer and sensors are not correctly paired. (Pedaling and ANT+ Modes) For Pedaling Monitor Pairing, be sure the sensors are in Pedaling Mode. From the main menu, select [Sensors], you should see Pedaling Monitor L and Pedaling Monitor R listed. If the sensors are not listed; select [Connect New Sensor]. Select the Device Type, ([Pedaling Monitor R] or [Pedaling Monitor L]) then select [Search].

If there are sensors paired, check the serial numbers of the paired sensors against the labels on the actual sensors, and ensure that they match. If they are different, redo the pairing procedure after inputting the correct sensor numbers and selecting the [Specified Search] Option. Only one set of Pedaling Monitor Sensors can be added to each Bike Profile. You may need to delete previously paired sensors or change bike profiles before adding new sensors.

3. The batteries in one or both sensors are drained. Replace the batteries, using a coin or flat screwdriver on the left side, or a 2mm Hexagonal wrench on the right side. Both sides use CR2032 type batteries.

4. The magnets are not installed correctly. (Pedaling Mode)

Check that the installed magnets are undamaged, in the correct positions, and within range of the sensors. If magnets need to be replaced, then it will also be necessary to carry out Magnet Calibration. Detailed magnet calibration manual and video instructions can be found at:
http://www.pioneerelectronics.com/PUSA/Cycle Sports/Power Meters#2-installation

If none of the above remedies solves the problem, please contact your dealer or Pioneer Customer Support.

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