The sensors are not recognised in Pedaling Monitor Mode, why is this?

While magnets are not required in Power Meter Modes, if used, confirm the magnet(s) are properly installed, and rotate the crank a minimum of five times. Good magnet detection can be confirmed for 5 minutes after battery insertion by turning the crank forward, a green light indicates magnets are detected.

Check the remaining battery strength in the Sensor Menu. If the Battery Voltage is less than 2.5Volts or listed as Poor, replace the batteries.

When replacing batteries, confirm that the sensors are in the ANT+ Power Meter Mode required; a solid orange light indicates the sensor is in dual leg ANT+ Mode, a blinking orange light indicates single leg ANT+ Mode, and a green light indicates Pedaling Monitor Mode. ANT+ modes can be switched using the push button located inside the right side transmitter. Pedaling Monitor Mode requires a Pioneer Cycle Computer to switch to Dual or Single ANT+ Power Meter Modes. Please see the users manual or Quick Guide for details.

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