What is the temperature learning feature of Zero Calibration?

Temperature Learning is the ability of the sensors to correct for temperature difference as a result of calibrating at different temperature. This allows the sensors to measure more accurately when riding even if the temperature changes. In order to use this function, Zero Calibration should be carried out at different temperatures at least twice. A maximum of six temperature readings are used for temperature correction. Temperature readings are recorded if the temperature differs by more than 4 degrees Celsius (Roughly 6 degree's F) from the last recorded temperature. Zero Calibration should be done only after the crank has acclimated to the outside air temperature. (20 minutes should be sufficient time for this.)
If Zero Calibration is done before the crank has acclimated, incorrect data will be used for Temperature Correction. To correct this, the "ZeroCal" Application can be used to reset the Temperature Learning Data.

The status of Temperature Learning can be checked in the Device Information Window in the Analysis Screen of Cyclo-Sphere. The number of calibrations, accuracy judgement and last calibrated temperature are displayed.

Since a maximum of six temperature readings are stored, if less than six are available the unused values will be displayed as "--". Even in this case, if at least two readings are stored, the Learning function is effective. Temperature Learning may not be carried out if the battery voltage is less than 2.5Volts.

The sensors have the ability to adjust the measurement calibration settings automatically to account for changes in temperature., allowing greater accuracy to be maintained when temperature changes occur while riding. In order to utilise this feature, it is necessary to perform Zero Calibration at least twice at different temperatures..The last six calibration measurements, for which the temperature has changed by at least 4degrees since the previous calibration, are stored for use in this feature. Be sure to allow the crank to acclimatise to the surrounding temperature before carrying out calibration (Twenty minutes of exposure to the surroundings should be sufficient.)

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