Training Assist



Maximize Your Training 

Maximize the use of your power meter with Training Assist, a feature available on Pioneer’s SGX-CA500 GPS Cycle Computer. Training Assist provides 28 structured training modules designed to help you improve cycling performance by using your power meter more effectively. The program is applicable for all skill levels and experience, including weekend warriors and cyclists who do not have a formal coach, but want to use their power meter more efficiently to advance on-bike performance.

Training Assist is a tool that breaks down training with a power meter into three easy steps: educate, ride a training effort/exercise and analyze results. Learn and improve at your own pace. More experienced riders who already train with Pioneer’s power meter can take advantage of additional features critical to any serious cyclist’s training including Interval Timer for setting up personalized interval efforts and Threshold Training, which includes a MMP Challenge and FTP Testing.





Training Assist consists of three training courses that are divided into 28 easy-to-use training modules. The modules within each course are consecutive; each module builds on the previous effort/exercise. Start with the fundamentals of bike training and work your way through basic to advanced training programs and power meter metrics.

The three training courses consist of:
-Training Course (7 modules) – Start with the fundamentals. Learn key training and cycling terms and different types of training efforts/exercises.
-Power Training Course (11 modules) – Power meter training 101. What power is, the different power metrics to evaluate in training, and different power meter training efforts/exercises.
-Pedaling Training Course (10 modules) – Most advanced course to maximize power training. Focuses on refining pedaling technique in a variety of efforts/exercises.




Access Training Assist using the free mobile Cyclo-Sphere service that comes with Pioneer’s Cycle Computer. First select the training module you want to perform, download the module to your Cycle Computer via built-in WiFi and complete the power training effort/exercise on the bike. After the ride is complete, results are uploaded to Cyclo-Sphere where ride data can be compared to what is expected, and then evaluate what you can do differently next time to improve.




Seasoned riders, your Cycle Computer is offers advanced training modules and metrics. Your Cycle Computer comes with two tools critical to training, Interval Timer and Threshold Training. In Interval Timer, you can create, name and set customized interval trainings for easy, safe and quick access while on the bike. So you can easily program your coach's instructions in the cycle computer for call-up on the bike. In Threshold Training, you have access to MMP (Mean Maximum Power) Challenge, a maximum average power benchmark training sessions where you challenge yourself in one minute, three minutes, five minutes, 10 minutes and 20 minutes time durations. Power “targets” for each time duration are automatically factored, uploaded and displayed based on your best effort records from your Cyclo-Sphere last three months ride history. In Threshold Training, cyclists are also able to perform FTP (Functional Threshold Power) Tests in 20 or 60 minutes increments.




For more seasoned cyclists familiar with interval training, the SGX-CA500 has a built-in stand alone Interval Timer training tool. Create, name, and store as many of your own customized interval training programs as you want with safe and easy access while on your bike. Create targeted power levels, interval durations, rest durations, and number of sets best suited for your training goals. Add pre-interval warm and post interval cool-down time durations for targeted recovery strategies. Easily program increasing power targets for each set with the escalation training option. Quick and simple visual and audible prompts from your SGX-CA500 provide a powerful and safe training tool while you focus on the effort and not on the computer screen.




Training with power is about knowing your best efforts and challenging them. What’s the highest power average you could hold for 1 min? 1 hr? With the SGX-CA500’s Threshold Training function, your 3 month best average power output for 1 min., 3 min., 5 min., 10min., and 20 min. are stored in your Cyclo-Sphere analysis account and automatically transferred via wifi directly to your cycle computer. Select a time interval you want to improve and the SGX-CA500 will automatically increase the target power of your best effort by 2%. Modify power targets for each time duration to help you maintain peak performance on longer rides. The Threshold Training menu even has a 20 min. and 60 min. FTP (Functional Threshold Power) tests. Set a new FTP power record and the SGX-CA500 will prompt you to upload it as a new benchmark to Cyclo-Sphere where other advanced power metrics like your Power Zones, Intensity Factor™, and TSS™ scores will be factored based on your updated FTP Score.