Professional CD/MP3 Turntable

  • MP3 playback
  • Jogwheel feel adjust
  • Brighter display with more detailed waveform

Suggested Price: $1,775.00

Jog Size 206mm
Display FL
Compatible Media Audio CD/CD-R/CD-RW
Format Type CD Audio/MP3
Hot Cue Yes
CD-Text Yes
Display Device FL
TEXT Display (Number of title lines) 1 Line
Auto BPM Counter Yes
Playing Address Yes
Cue/Loop Memory Point Yes
JOG Display Yes
Super Fast Search Yes
Cue Point Setting Yes
Back Cue Yes
Auto Cue Yes
Cue Point Sampler Yes
Hot Cue (Sampler) Yes
Hot Loop Yes
Loop Yes
Loop Adjustment IN/OUT Adjust
Fader Start & Back Cue Yes
Reverse Yes
Jog Size 206mm
Jog Mode CDJ / Vinyl
Touch Sensitive Jog Yes
Jog Feeling Adjustment Yes
Vinyl Speed Adjustment(Touch & Release) Yes (2 Knobs)
Master Tempo Yes
Tempo Control Range (Music CD Format) +/-6%, +/-10%, +/-16%, +/-100%
Tempo Control Range (MP3) +/-6%, +/-10%, +/-16%, +70% -100%
Tempo Control Steps 0.02%
Tempo Reset Button Yes
Pitch Bend JOG
Shock-Proof Memory Yes
Cue/Loop Memory Yes
Memory Multi Media Card/SD Card
Digital Audio Output Yes
Resume Play Yes
Eject Lock Yes
Included Accessories Owners Manual/Power Cord/RCA Cable/Control Cable/Forced Eject Pin/SD Card
Frequency Response 4Hz - 20kHz
Signal-to-Noise Ratio 115 dB (JEITA)
Distortion 0.006 % (JEITA)
Power Consumption 27 W
Dimensions (W x D x H inches) 12.6 x 14.6 x 4.1
Weight 9.3 lbs