How do you update the firmware of the DDJ-WEGO2?


Download the update file from the product page.

Unzip the downloaded file.

For Windows or MAC OS:
Unzip the zip file to find the [DDJ-WeGO2_updater_Vxxx.jar] file.

xxx is numerical characters of the new firmware version.

Connect the DDJ-WEGO2 to your computer using a USB cable, ensuring that the power cable and USB cable are securely connected to the DDJ-WEGO2. Power your laptop with an AC adaptor rather than battery power.

Activate Update Mode for the DDJ-WEGO2.
While pressing both [HEADPHONE CUE] buttons, press the power button .
Once Update Mode is activated, the Level meter LED flashes. You can now release the [HEADPHONE CUE] buttons.

Launch the update program.
For Windows or MAC OS:
Double click [DDJ-WEGO2_updater_Vxxx.jar] to launch the update file.

Select the language you want to use and click [OK].

A dialog box will appear showing the currently installed firmware version and the update version. If the update is newer, click [Start] to begin installation. If the currently installed version is already the newest firmware version, the update file will not launch. Close the dialog box and exit installation.

When the firmware update is installed, a message will appear. Click [OK] to complete the process.
When all the LEDs of the MASTER level meter on DDJ-WEGO2 are lit, the firmware update is complete.

Turn off the power of the DDJ-WEGO2 and then turn it on again.

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