Professional DJ Headphones

  • Exclusive Single-Ear Monitor with Shoulder Rest
  • Housing Rotation/Reverse Rotation
  • Robust, stress absorbing structure

Suggested Price: $150.00

Type Tightly closed type dynamic headphones
Playback frequency range 5-28000 Hz
Impedance 55 ohms
Maximum input 3000 mW
Output sound level 105 dB/mW
Unit type 50 mm dome type
Plug 03.5 mm 3P mini plug (gold plated)
Accessories Shoulder rest (shoulder pad), 06.3 mm 3P plug adaptor (gold plated) with screws, cord-fixing belt clip
Connection cord 1.2 rn one-side out coiled cord (extending to 3 m)
Mass Approx. 270 g (not including cord)