Pro DJ System

  • includes 2 CDJ-100's & 1 DJM-300S
  • High Quality Digital Effects
  • Mixer Fader Start Play


  • 2 CDJ-100's
  • 1 DJM-300-S

Digital Effects

  • JET, the flanging technique of using two turntables.
  • ZIP, emulates braking and raises or lowers pitch with the Jog Dial.
  • WAH, a filter that emphasizes or de-emphasizes certain frequencies in a track.

Super Fast Track and Song Search
Quickly search your CD for tracks or for a specific portion within a song

Slot In and Quick Start
For smooth disc changes without opening the cover and starts discs in 0.01 of a second pinpoint accuracy!

Master Tempo
Changes tempo without changing the key of the music for flawless mixes.

Cue Point Functions
Back Cue, Auto Cue, and Cue Point Sampler giving you total creative freedom.

CDJ Digital Output
For digital recording in normal play mode.

Mixer Fader Start Play
This mode lets you increase the Fader and automatically override the Pause control to start the music with either the Cross Fader or Channel Fader.

Mixer Auto BPM Counter
Accurately measures the BPM of almost any kind of dance music automatically.

Headphone Monitor Switching Function
Convienent, flexible monitoring allows you to switch easily between all your mixes.

Please see the specifications for the CDJ-100S and the DJM-300/DJM-300S