DJM-350 FAQs

+ Audio (3)

  1. No sound is produced, or the volume is low.
  2. Sound is distorted.
  3. Sound is distorted when tracks recorded on USB devices are played.

+ Connection (7)

+ Function (6)

  1. Can sound input to the MIC/AUX terminals be recorded on USB devices?
  2. When I connect a USB device, a long time is required for the USB STOP indicator to stop flashing and the recording standby mode to be set.
  3. Can the volume be changed when playing files on USB?
  4. How can I adjust the recording level?
  5. Is there a difference between MASTER OUT 1 and 2?
  6. TRIM, channel fader, MASTER LEVEL. All are used to adjust the volume. What is the difference between them?

+ Operation (1)

  1. No sound is output from [MASTER OUT], or sound is only output from one channel.

+ Parts (2)

  1. Can controls be replaced?
  2. Can the crossfader control be replaced with that of another model?

+ Specifications (2)

  1. When recording on USB devices, the recording level stays constant even when [MASTER LEVEL] is adjusted. Is this by design?
  2. The power turns off even though I haven't done anything.