DJM-900nexus FAQs

+ Features (3)

  1. What is the greatest feature of this product?
  2. Are there any world-first or industry-first functions?
  3. How is this unit's sound quality?

+ Installation/Connections (24)

+ Basic Functions (8)

  1. Can I use a stereo microphone?
  2. Can signals be output simultaneously from the MASTER, MIDI and BOOTH outputs?
  3. The cautions in the operating instructions state "Due to the product's specifications, ... the switches on the main unit and remote control ... To safely isolate the product from the power supply ... from the power outlet. Failure to do so could result in fire." This text states that there are models on which power is supplied constantly when in the standby mode and types to which power is not supplied only when the power is off. Which type is this product?
  4. What should the master level indicator be set to in order to output 2V? Also, is [MASTER ATT] related to the master level indicator?
  5. I think that generally speaking the TRIM control should be adjusted watching the channel level indicator for a maximum indication of about 0 dB. Why does the indicator go up to 10 dB? From what dB setting does the output sound begin to distort?
  6. There are three types of volume adjustments, with the GAIN (TRIM), channel fader and MAIN VOL (MASTER LEVEL) controls. What is the difference between them?
  7. I have connected the effecter to the SEND/RETURN terminals, but cannot achieve an echo retaining effect with the fader. Why is this?
  8. Can I record DJ performances?

+ Functions - PRO DJ LINK (3)

  1. What can be done by connecting this unit and a computer in a LAN? Also, what is the PRO DJ LINK function?
  2. LINK MONITOR is apparently a PRO DJ LINK function (between rekordbox and the mixer) allowing you to monitor tracks managed on the computer with rekordbox using the mixer's headphones terminal, but can the sound being played with DJ software and the sound being played on a DJ player supporting the PRO DJ LINK (LAN LINK) function also be monitored?
  3. How can I set and check the IP address?

+ Functions - DJ Software (16)

  1. What can I do by connecting this unit and a computer by USB?
  2. I would like to use my DJ software. Is this possible simply by connecting this unit and the computer with a USB cable?
  3. What are the specifications of the USB sound card (audio interface) function?
  4. What can I do when I install the "Driver Software" CD-ROM included with this unit?
  5. What is the computer environment required for installing the "Driver Software" CD-ROM included with this unit?
  6. What is "driver software"?
  7. Is operation possible even when the USB sound card built into this unit and the sound card of another device are connected to the same computer?
  8. Can this unit be used for MIDI control of DJ software or MIDI-compatible devices?
  9. Tell me some DJ software programs that support MIDI control.
  10. Can I use DJS (DJ software)?
  11. Is this unit supported on 64-bit operating systems?
  12. Can tracks managed with iTunes be input to this unit's USB sound card (audio interface)?
  13. I do not want to output the sound of the computer's program events (warning sounds, etc.). Is there a way to prevent this?
  14. When I connected this unit to my computer the first time by USB, the installation procedure was canceled before this unit could be used. How do I reinstall it? (The same thing happens when connected to other USB ports on the computer.)
  15. I do not know how to install and uninstall the dedicated driver software.
  16. I use the TRAKTOR SCRATCH series. I have installed this unit's dedicated driver software successfully on the computer and made the channel settings with the Settings Utility software. There is no problem with MIDI control or the audio output, but I can't scratch with the Control CD or Control Vinyl functions.

+ Parts (3)

  1. Can controls be replaced?
  2. Can the DJC-800RV rotary volume kit be used?
  3. The fader controls are unyielding and do not come off.

+ Others (1)

  1. What are the dimensions and weight of the package?

+ Troubleshooting (36)

  1. Power does not turn on.
  2. Effect sounds cannot be monitored even when the [BEAT EFFECTS] – [CUE] button is pressed.
  3. Crossfading does not work.
  4. Fader starting of the DJ player does not work.
  5. [BEAT EFFECTS] does not work.
  6. [SOUND COLOR FX] does not work.
  7. External effecter does not work.
  8. Sound of the external effecter is distorted.
  9. Tempo (BPM) cannot be measured or tempo (BPM) measurements are conflicting.
  10. The measured tempo (BPM) value is different from the value indicated on the CD.
  11. No sound is produced or volume is low.
  12. Even when no sound is being input to the microphone (MIC) terminal, the talkover function is sometimes activated and the master sound gets low.
  13. Digital sound cannot be output.
  14. Sound is distorted.
  15. Sound is distorted when an analog player is connected to this unit's [PHONO] terminals, or indication on the channel level indicator does not change when the [TRIM] control is turned.
  16. The LFO FORM (WAKE UP) button's LED indicator is flashing. What does this mean?
  17. MIDI sequencer does not synchronize.
  18. LAN connections to a computer cannot be made.
  19. The PRO DJ LINK (LAN LINK) function does not work.
  20. Sound of rekordbox cannot be monitored.
  21. This unit is not recognized as an audio device when it is connected to the computer.
  22. When a computer (Windows) is connected to this unit, a message appears on the computer's screen. What should I do?
  23. Sound played on the computer is not output from this unit.
  24. MIDI control is not possible.
  25. DJ software stops operating when computer restarts from the sleep or standby mode.
  26. The message [Log in with the computer administrator's account.] appears and the driver software cannot be installed. (For Windows)
  27. The message [The administrator's name and password must be input.] appears and the driver software cannot be installed. (For Mac OS)
  28. Sound skips when using the USB sound card (audio interface) function.
  29. QUANTIZE function does not work.
  30. Status information function cannot be used.
  31. Output sound is low or too high when digital signals are input.
  32. The USB connection indicator is flashing. What does this mean?
  33. I am using a Mac computer, and sound cannot be input/output with the USB sound card (audio interface) function. The dedicated driver software has been installed normally.
  34. Output sound is low or too high when USB signals are input.
  35. The PRO DJ LINK (LAN LINK) function can no longer be used when this unit's power is turned off then back on.
  36. Output sound is sometimes low.