Fader starting of the DJ player does not work.?

There are five possible causes.

1. Is [FADER START] set to [OFF]? Set [FADER START] on the [USER SETUP] screen to [ON]. For details, see "Setting preferences" in the operating instructions.
2. The CDJ-2000 or CDJ-900 must support the LINK function. Check that the CDJ is version 4.00 or higher.
3. Is the DJ player properly connected to the [LINK] terminal? Connect the DJ player to the [LINK] terminal properly using a LAN cable. For details see "Connecting input terminals" in the operating instructions.
4. Are the audio cables properly connected? Connect this unit's audio input terminals to the DJ player's audio output terminals using audio cables. For details, see "Connecting input terminals" in the operating instructions.
5. Are the DJ players' player numbers properly set? Set the DJ players' player numbers to the same numbers as the channels to which the audio cables are connected.For details, see the respective player's operating instructions.

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