What are the main differences with the DJM-3000? ?

  1. The DJM-5000 is equipped with two sets of independent mic channels that can be operated intuitively. The volume and 3-band equalizers can be controlled separately, and the mics can be adjusted separately for the voices of the two MCs.
  2. There are four effects exclusively for the mics (Reverb, Echo+Verb, Octaver and Pitch), allowing for a variety of mic productions.
  3. There is an "Advanced Talk Over" function which automatically lowers the volume of the music but only within the voice's frequency range when mic input is detected, making the sound input to the mic easier to hear. The sense of volume of the music is not affected when the mic is being used, so the MCs can do their job without changing the atmosphere on the floor. Also, the mute level can be adjusted with a knob on the panel.
  4. There is a "USB audio interface" function allowing direct audio input from a computer.
  5. The button and slider information can be output to control computer applications.
  6. XLR terminals are provided for the independent sets of MASTER and ZONE outputs. The music and mics can be selected separately for output in two rooms, allowing the user to stage the party flexibly according to the atmosphere in the different rooms.
  7. There is a "sound maximizer" for adjusting the low and medium frequencies easily using two knobs, "DYNAMICS" and "CLARITY". This allows the user to stage the music optimally according to the hall's or party's atmosphere.
  8. Full digital high sound quality design, with 96kHz/24bit sampling A/D converter and 32-bit DSP.

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