What is the greatest feature of this product?

The greatest feature is its built-in USB sound card (audio interface) providing compatibility with full-fledged DJ software programs. Furthermore, basic mixer performance, such as sound quality suited to club environments and the feeling/endurance of the faders, is brushed up, and the set of effects for adding originality to tracks has evolved significantly.

Features of this unit
1) 24-bit/96 kHz 4-in 4-out high performance USB sound card.
2) New "SPACE", "DUB ECHO" and "GATE/COMP" effects added to sound color effects.
3) Two new effects ("SPIRAL" and "MELODIC") added to beat effects.
4) "X-PAD" provided with beat effects.
5) 32-bit D/A converter.
6) High sound quality balanced hybrid operational amplifier and fully balanced output circuitry.
7) High performance channel fader.
8) Compatibility with the "PRO DJ LINK (LAN LINK)" function.
9) Quantize mode added to beat effects.
10) TRAKTOR SCRATCH Certified.
11) "Integrated input selector" for integrated switching of inputs.
12) Output of signals of DVS software time code discs to a computer with a signal USB cable.
13) "MIDI LFO" function for outputting MIDI signals changing cyclically in units of bits to control external devices.
14) Switchable 3-band equalizer and 3-band isolator for each channel.
15) "P-LOCK Fader Cap" lock mechanism on channel fader and crossfader knobs.
16) Environmentally-friendly "Auto Standby" function for switching the power to standby if the unit is not used or there is no input for a certain length of time.

For details, see Pioneer catalogues or the product information site.

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