How do you create and transfer samples with the RMX-1000?

Samples can be created with different DJ programs such as Rekordbox.

The following directions are for the use of Rekordbox and Remixbox programs.
-Connect RMX-1000 to computer and make sure an SD card is inserted on the RMX-1000.
-Launch Recordbox and Remixbox.
-Using Rekordbox, load the track that has the desired sample.
-Play back the track, pressing Loop IN at the beginning and OUT at the end of the sample.
-After the sample has been created, right click over the section of the sample wave form.
-From Options, select EXPORT LOOP AS WAVE and choose the location to save the loop (for example a folder on the desktop named "Samples").
-Place the cursor over the BANK section on Remixbox.
-From Options, click on SAMPLER.
-A screen displaying the different BANKS will be displayed.
-Open the folder that houses the sample and drag the sample to the desired BANK position.
-Sample will be displayed under BANK SLOTS.
-Press X at the bottom of the BANK screen to close.
-Click on Export and select the drive letter assigned to the RMX1000.
-Make sure SAMPLER DATA and EFFECT PARAMETER are checked.
-After selecting the drive letter and the two options, press OK.
-Progress bar will appear onscreen.
-Samples have now been transferred to the SD card and can be accessed through the assigned BANK locations.

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