Slim Design Flat Panel Speaker (each)

  • Radiate Sound From Front and Rear Surface
  • 2" Deep Speaker can be Configured Vertically or Horizontally
  • Magnetically Shielded to Avoid Interference with Other Electronics Such as Microphones


In response to the demand for high quality, yet lightweight, portable speakers, Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc. introduced the S-FL1 flat panel speaker, designed for use at parties or events that require great sound quality with compact speakers. 

Pioneer created the slim-design speaker using NXT™ SurfaceSound™, which is based on Distributed Mode Loudspeaker technology.  The S-FL1 flat panel speaker offers easy installation, and provides consistently high-quality sound throughout the entire listening area.  It is ideal for mobile DJs and bands playing at small clubs, music bars, parties and other open-air events.  The speakers also provide a good solution for press conferences, graduations, picnics and company meetings where a variety of people will make presentations to a large audience.

The S-FL1 weighs in at just more than 20 pounds and is only two inches deep.  It can be mounted with almost any third-party speaker bracket for easy set up and tear down.
Pioneer’s new flat panel speaker system with NXT technology radiates sound across the surface of the speaker.  This produces uniform sound across the entire listening area.  Magnetic sheilding also allows the speakers to be used anywhere without risk of electro-magnetic interference with other electronics.

Speaker type Flat panel, open back type (magnetically shielded)
Exciter Voicecoil 25 mm diameter (x 4)
Nominal impedence 8 Ohm
Frequency response 60 – 15,000 Hz
Output sound level 90 dB
Output RMS 240 W
External dimensions 26.6" (W) x 19.7" (H) x 2.2" (D)
Weight 21.8 lb