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Your model number is located on the rear of the player under the bar code.

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Common CD / DVD / Media Players Questions

  1. With the wave display, is it possible to load and display the data from the current position to a position further on??
  2. I chose the CDJ-350 in the computer's sound settings, but the sound of the computer is not output from the CDJ-350.?
  3. For some tracks, playback starts in the same place even when I change the auto cue level?
  4. What is the recommended format for USB memory devices and USB hard disks to be used on the CDJ?
  5. When do you expect an update compatible with the rekordbox LINK export function?
  6. How does the player history work?
  7. What is the "driver software"?
  8. I created a library in rekordbox, but library browsing on the CDJ is not possible (folder browsing is possible).?
  9. Can wave data be saved??
  10. The characters of the track information for MP3, AAC and other files on the CDJ-2000's browse screen are not displayed properly?