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Professional DJ Mixer


2-Channel DJ Mixer


2-Channel DJ Mixer With Effects


Professional Standard Mobile DJ Mixer


Standard Mid-Range Professional Digital DJ Mixer


4-Channel Performance Digital DJ Mixer


4-Channel Performance DJ Mixer


Professional DJ Mixer


Professional DJ Mixer for Serato DJ


Professional Audio/Video Mixer

Common Mixers Questions

  1. What is the computer environment required for installing the "Driver Software" CD-ROM included with this unit?
  2. Does the microphone (MIC) input terminal support phantom power supplies?
  3. The PRO DJ LINK (LAN LINK) function does not work.?
  4. The PRO DJ LINK (LAN LINK) function can no longer be used when this unit's power is turned off then back on.?
  5. Sound skips when using the USB sound card (audio interface) function.?
  6. Are Macintosh computers supported?
  7. I have no Internet connection. Can I still use this unit?
  8. Effect sounds cannot be monitored even when the BEAT EFFECTS - CUE button is pressed.?
  9. What can be done by connecting this unit and a computer in a LAN? Also, what is the PRO DJ LINK function?
  10. Test Mixer FAQ?
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