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Your model number is located on the rear of the player under the bar code.

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Professional DJ Mixer


2-Channel DJ Mixer


2-Channel DJ Mixer With Effects


Professional Standard Mobile DJ Mixer


Standard Mid-Range Professional Digital DJ Mixer


4-Channel Performance Digital DJ Mixer


4-Channel Performance DJ Mixer


Professional DJ Mixer


Professional DJ Mixer for Serato DJ


Professional Audio/Video Mixer

Common Mixers Questions

  1. Is there a digital output.?
  2. What is the greatest feature of this product?
  3. Crossfading does not work.?
  4. Can the DJM-5000 be used as a sound device?
  5. Sound of the external effecter is distorted.?
  6. Can tracks managed with iTunes be input to this unit's USB sound card (audio interface)?
  7. I have connected the DJM-5000 to a CDJ using digital connections and connected the control cord, but fader starting does not work.?
  8. LAN connections to a computer cannot be made.?
  9. Tell me about the TRIM adjustment. I assume the adjustment is made looking at the level indicator, but to what position on the scale should I adjust?
  10. It says here there is one type in which power is supplied while in the standby mode, another in which no power is supplied when the power is off. Which type is this product?