Wireless Neck Speaker (White)

  • Comfortable, lightweight stereo speakers you wear around your neck
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • 24-hour battery
  • IPX4 sweat and water resistant
  • USB C charging

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A lightweight and comfortable personal Bluetooth speaker you wear around your neck. Listen to your favorite music, podcasts or any other audio from a Bluetooth source without blocking your ears with headphones. Perfect for outdoor activities like biking or walking and maintaining awareness of your surroundings, such as traffic. Also works indoors when you want personal audio, and still have ambient awareness. Great, for example, if you just got your small children to nap. A traditional speaker would keep them awake and headphones would keep you from hearing their activity.


neckphone around person

Listening style that doesn't block your ears so you can hear the surrounding environmental sounds and calls

Because it is worn around the neck, you can enjoy music without blocking your ears like a headphone, so you can recognize the surrounding environmental sound and talk.

ambient awareness mode

100g lightweight design that will not get tired even if worn for a long time

It is a lightweight 100g design that will not get tired even if a woman wears it for a long time. Can be used comfortably even when doing housework or walking.

24 hour battery life icon

Enjoy music while doing various things all day

By charging for about 2.5 hours, you can enjoy music for 24 hours continuously. It can be used for 3 hours by charging for 15 minutes.

ipx4 water rating

Waterproof IPX4 compliant for wet hands and sweat

Drip-proof and sweat-proof for safe operation even when your hands are wet during washing and washing.

Scratch-resistant UV coating

By applying UV coating, the surface hardness is higher than that of general plastics, making it difficult to scratch.


  • Fully Enclosed Dynamic Earphones
  • 100 g
  • USB Type-C Cable