In-Ear True Wireless Sports Headphones

  • No cables, true wireless design
  • Includes optional Ambient Awareness Ear Tips
  • Built-in Bluetooth® Version 4.2
  • Water and Sweat Resistant: IPX5 Certified*
  • Up to 3 hours continuous playback
  • Included Charging Case with 1-hour recharging
  • Available in Black/Yellow, Black/Gray, and Pink/Black

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Focus on the music not the wires

The SE-E8TW truly wireless design frees you from cables so you can focus on the music while on the go and working on your fitness goals. Sound is excellent with deep bass from powerful drivers and AAC codec delivered via Bluetooth® wireless technology. Battery life is strong: charge up for three hours of listening and the carry-case will recharge the earphones twice before needing to charge the case. Voice access to smartphone assistants, hands-free calling, and music control come via buttons designed for easy convenience. The SE-E8TW works with an Android™ app that reads out notifications, a feature unique to Pioneer. But the difference is in the detail: unique L/R shapes, body-agnostic charging ports, textured silicon sleeves for grip, and LED battery indicator on the case. Light, practical, immersive, the SE-E8TW truly wireless headphones give you the freedom you need on the go.


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Go cable-free for musical liberation

Say goodbye to cable hassle and annoying adapters. These truly wireless earphones crafted by Pioneer brings great sound quality, convenience, and free movement, together in a light and comfortable headphone.

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Sweat & Water Resistant

The SE-E8TW Truly Wireless Earphones are ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. They have been designed to keep you motivated, even during an unexpected rain shower or while you push through a hard workout session, thanks to their IPX5* rating.

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Sports True Wireless with Ambient Awareness Ear Tips

Beyond the sweat and water resistance, the SE-E8TW come with three sizes of fins to hold them in place no matter how vigorous your activity. Along with 3 sizes of standard ear tips there are also included 3 sizes of ambient awareness ear tips. Perfect for running or cycling around traffic. The ambient awareness tips allow you to hear what is happening around you as well as listen to your favorite music.

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Exclusive Pioneer Notification App

Pioneer Notification App for Android™ reads out notifications, such as e-mails, SMS, and messages so you can reply as soon as possible. This is great when you can’t reach your phone during exercise. The app also alerts you when your calendar updates, reads news headlines in real time, and much more.
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Voice interaction at the touch of a button

Stay wirelessly connected to phone conversations and smart assistants by voice. Simple buttons on the bodies activate a mic so you can make and receive calls. Or ask Siri or the Google Assistant for help without reaching for your phone.

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Excellent musical immersion

Strong drivers give speed and punch to bass notes while presenting the audio image clearly and comfortably. Combined with the low-loss AAC codec, wireless music has more energy, with S/M/L-sized earphone tips assuring a deep seal with excellent comfort.

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The most intuitive truly wireless earphones

Simplicity starts right out of the box: independent earphone shapes suit left and right ears, so you don’t have to figure out which earbud goes in which ear. The Silicon sleeve is sweat resistant and soft texture to give comfortable grip.

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Long playback time with compact carry case

Three hours of playback is perfect for most. Pop the earphones in the case and you’re good to go in one hour. The case recharges the SE-E8TW twice before needing to charge the case again. L/R earphones snap into either charging dock. The case has an LED showing battery life remaining when it’s tapped.

  • Fully Enclosed Dynamic Headphones
  • 20 Hz–20 kHz
  • 6 mm
  • 12 g (0.42 oz.)
  • S/M/L earphone tips, Ambient awareness earphone tips (S/M/L), Secure ear fins (S/M/L), USB Type-A to USB Type-C cable, carry case, instruction leaflet