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Pioneer Receivers integrate with Apple.

You can’t be two places at once. But your music can.

Pioneer’s exceptional new AirPlay®-compatible AV receivers bring you closer than ever to your music by streaming your iTunes® library directly to the receiver - all the songs, all the playlists, in your living room, unleashed.

Air Play LogoHave your music stored on your iPod touch®, iPhone®, or iPad®? No problem. Simply select your receiver as a compatible AirPlay device and it’s now playing on the big speakers. What about a PC or Mac®? As long as both the receiver and computer are connected to your home network, you’re free to enjoy all your favorite music throughout the home.

Pioneer’s AirPlay compatible AV receivers come ready out of the box to stream your iTunes music. No need for a separate dock or cables. And Pioneer AV receivers takes it a step further with a full-color GUI that lets you view song titles, artists, album names, elapsed and remaining time and even album artwork on a connected display.



View models with this feature:
Pioneer AV Receivers:VSX-822-K, VSX-1022-K, VSX-1122-K, VSX-1021-K, VSX-1121-K
Elite AV Receivers: VSX-42, VSX-60, SC-61, SC-63, SC-65, SC-67, SC-68, VSX-50, VSX-51, VSX-52, VSX-53, SC-55, SC-57
SMA Wireless Speakers: A1 XW-SMA1-K, A3 XW-SMA3-K, A4 XW-SMA4-K

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