Class D Amps and Direct Energy HD Amplifiers



Efficient, Powerful Output by Design

Class D amplifiers work in an entirely different way than A, B, or A/B amplifiers. The output transistors don’t partially open and close in a continuously variable manner; they switch on or off.

Class D AdvantagesBecause of this, Class D amps are often thought of as “digital” amplifiers. But even though some of the circuitry is digital, Class D amplifiers are actually purely analog in nature.

Since Class D (“switching”) amplifiers can turn fully on or off, they can dramatically increase the mid and bass output power while minimizing the loss of power, making for a highly efficient amplifier. And since it eliminates the need for huge power transformers, banks of output transistors, and huge extruded aluminum heat-sinks, Class D amplifiers are remarkably compact and lightweight for the amount of power they produce.

A good illustration of the efficiency of Class D amplification is to imagine a chip-sized module that is 3” wide, 4” deep and just 1.5” in height producing up to 250 watts at 8 ohms, all while delivering 90% of the power it receives to the loudspeakers, making this Class D technology a perfect fit for spaces with limited space like vehicles.

In the past, Class D amplifiers had limited applications because of distortion challenges. But by using state-of-the-art ICEpower® technology Pioneer created Class D car amps with precise sound free of distortion and unwanted noise.  


Direct Energy HD Amplifier

Today, Pioneer incorporated recent innovations in sound tuning and its analog amplifier technology to create a new type of Class D amplifier powerful enough for professional use. The result was the Direct Energy HD amplifier - A class D amplifier that is now responsible for the high efficiency sound amplification in the new SC series of home AV Receivers.  

In developing this state-of-the-art amplifier, Pioneer used its grounding and signal pattern layout know-how to modify numerous physical characteristics, analog component choices and designations to make an amplifier far different from “other” ICEpower applications.

The Direct Energy HD amplifier made its debut with the Pioneer Elite SC-09 flagship receiver and is now featured in the new SC-07 and SC-05 A/V receivers. Both the 7.1 channel SC-07 and SC-05 receivers produce a whopping 140 Watts and 130 Watts per channel with virtually no distortion, reference level signal to noise ratios, wide range frequency response and unprecedented efficiency and clarity of multi-channel sound.


SC-09 Receiver with Class D AmpSC-07 Receiver with Class D AmpSC-05 Receiver with Class D Amp



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