My AV receiver says OVERLOAD and shuts off, what should I do?

Poor wiring connections, bad wires or a bad speaker may cause this.  As you increase the volume, you will increase the amount of current you are drawing from the receiver.  To troubleshoot this issue, try the following:

  1. Disconnect each speaker wire connection. Inspect for any frayed or damaged wiring and replace it.
  2. Check the impedance of the speakers; make sure they are properly rated for your stereo. In most cases, they need to be 8 ohms. Only a few Pioneer receivers will support lower impedance.
  3. If the problem still continues, try these steps:
    1. Turn the receiver off.
    2. Remove one speaker.
    3. Turn the receiver on.
    4. Increase the volume.

If the receiver overloads, repeat steps 1-4 (selecting a different speaker each time).  If you disconnect a certain speaker and the receiver no longer overloads, have this speaker checked at a service center.  It could have a bad speaker component, like a tweeter, sub-woofer, or even a bad crossover.

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