THX Ultra2 A/V Receiver

Suggested Price: $4,200.00

The reference-standard VSX-49TX represents a new level in power, control, and sonic quality. It meets LucasFilm's THX-Ultra2 requirements for optimal playback of all multi-channel and movie formats, including precise 8-channel audio (7 speakers and a subwoofer) and processing of all wide-bandwidth component video signals (like HDTV) without any picture degradation. System setup is made easy with an advanced version of our Multi-Channel Acoustic Calibration Circuit (MCACC), which, along with an outboard microphone, evaluates a room's environment and calibrates output accordingly. The VSX-49TX also features dual Sharc processors and a Motorola DSP processor for superb audio performance, and a large LCD touch-panel remote control. The Elite two-year warranty applies.