7.2-Channel Network Ready AV Receiver



Introducing the Pioneer SC-1222 AV Receiver. Combining technological advancements with elegance, the SC-1222 delivers incredible home theater performance. With 840 (7 x 120) watts of crisp and accurate audio reproduction, the SC-1222 provides connectivity for all your latest high-definition home theater components, and digital 1080p video from any source.

Made for You--And your iPad®, iPhone® and iPod®
Thanks to Made for iPod touch®, iPhone, and iPad certification, Apple devices are easily connected with the included USB/video cable - so there's no need to buy a separate dock to enjoy all your music, videos, and streaming content. Plus, since your iPhone, iPod and now your iPad charge automatically when connected, it's the ultimate plug-and-play integration with your home theater. You can enjoy music with album art from the iTunes® store, shared videos and movies, downloaded TV shows from iTunes, photos, web content from YouTube® and much more. Got a call? The iPhone will mute movies and music so you can take it. Use the iPhone directly, or push a single button on the SC-1222's front panel to switch control to the included preset remote and an intuitive, full-color GUI.

made for ipod iphone ipad

With AirPlay, stream music from your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or iTunes to the SC-1222 and play it through your home theater system without docks or cables. Simply connect the receiver to your home network via Ethernet, and it instantly becomes the hub for playback of your iTunes music from your connected Apple® device or networked computer.

You can even view song information including song title, artist, and track time as well as album art on a connected display. Not only that, the SC-1222 supports network audio sources in Zone 2, allowing you to send music to another room. With AirPlay, there's really no reason why your iTunes music has to be restricted to one device.

HTC Connect™
HTC Connect™ is for Android® owners who, until now, have constantly asked, “What about me?” The good news is your receiver has arrived. A Pioneer exclusive, the SC-1222 proudly supports HTC Connect, compatible with HTC One series phones. HTC Connect makes it easy to wirelessly stream your favorite music straight from your HTC One phone. There’s no need for a separate app; HTC Connect is built right into your phone’s music player.
UPDATE: HTC Connect Firmware Now Available for Download

Connect to Your PC Music Files or Internet Radio
The SC-1222's networking ability opens up an entirely new world of possibilities. A rear panel Ethernet port allows full integration into your home network, and with Windows® 7® and DLNA® 1.5 certification, a whole new level of entertainment options are at your fingertips. With 192kHz / 24-bit WAV and FLAC file compatibility, network streaming audio playback is now ready for the true audiophile. Stream your MP3, AAC, WMA, WAV and FLAC music files from your PC, laptop or smartphone to your home theater system.

Unleash Your Smartphone's Music with Bluetooth®
The SC-1222 is ready for wireless Bluetooth audio from virtually any A2DP profile Bluetooth device. With the optional Pioneer AS-BT200 Bluetooth adapter, you can untether yourself from cables and inputs. Plus you'll enjoy enriched quality with Sound Retriever AIR technology, created specifically to enhance Bluetooth audio. Select your favorite programming from music sources like vTuner®, Pandora, or SiriusXM internet radio, accessing thousands of Internet radio stations from around the world.

Ultimate Sound Control
What really separates the SC-1222 is the sound. Dolby® TrueHD delivers high-defintion surround audio, while Dolby Pro-Logic IIz takes surround sound to the next level. DTS HD® Master Audio decoders mean Blu-Ray DiscTM have never sounded better. It is like having your own sound engineer precision-tuning to your environment.

Class D3 Amplification
The SC-1222’s Class D3 7-channel amplifier is one of the most powerful amplifiers of any multi-channel A/V receiver Pioneer has ever produced. Designed for audiophiles, Class D3 amplification features a direct signal path, with no EMI filters, feedback loops, or current limiters. Unlike regular amps, Class D3 amplifiers are 4-OHM certified so they safely power those low-impedance speakers that other receivers just can’t handle. These amplifiers run cool, using just a fraction of the energy of less efficient designs. Class A/B amplifiers simply cannot match the efficiency of Class D3 as their power output per channel diminishes rapidly when more channels are added to the work-load. This kind of unprecedented power capability allows you to appreciate the full dynamics from any media source in a way never before possible.

Advanced Marvel® Qdeo® Video Processing for High Picture Quality
Using Marvell Qdeo processing technology and Pioneer's extensive video know-how makes home theater a truly immersive experience. The SC-1222 provides video conversion from composite and component video to HDMI for a single-wire high-definition audio and video solution as well as up to 1080p video scaling for an exceptional picture regardless of the source, creating natural and noise-free video for maximum performance and flexibility.

Get Ready for 3D with the Latest HDMI® Technology
All of Pioneer's newest receivers support the latest HDMI specifications. So not only do you get the most out of your existing movies and music, with the SC-1222, you're prepared for the new generation of 3D video content. With 7 HDMI inputs including a front input, you've got plenty of connectivity options for the growing number of high-definition sources available. The SC-1222 also offers advanced HDMI conveniences like HDMI Standby Through.

Transform your Apple Device into a Powerful Remote Control
Communicating with the SC-1222 wirelessly through your home network is easy with Pioneer's iControlAV2012 app, downloadable at no charge through iTunes® and Google Play®, turning your iPhone, iPod touch and iPad device or select AndroidTM devices into a powerful remote control for your receiver. The all new iControlAV2012 is fully redesigned, incorporating everything from basic volume and input selection to advanced features like EQ adjustments and Internet Radio control. iControlAV2012 includes enhanced features like vertical and horizontal orientation and intuitive control of music from networked PCs as well as a super- cool finger EQ adjust screen; simply draw the EQ curve to your desired sound preference. New Sound Explorer gives you easy access to experiment with the many powerful sound enhancements the SC-1222 offers.

Fine-Tune Your Sound with Advanced MCACC
Like a musical instrument, your home theater system needs to be tuned. Pioneer's Advanced Multi-Channel Acoustic Calibration system (MCACC®) provides an optimized, multi-channel listening experience that's calibrated and customized specifically to your room by measuring every speaker's connection, and noting size and distance from the listening point, sound levels and timbre.

  • Class D3
  • 7.2
  • Measurements Not Available
  • 120
  • 160
Handheld and Internet
  • iPad 2, iPad, iPhone 4S, 4, 3GS, 3G / iPod touch 4G, 3G, 2G, 1G / iPod classic / iPod nano 6G, 5G, 4G, 3G
  • Yes (AS-BT200 required)
Decoders & Formats
  • Texas Instruments Aureus
  • 192kHz / 24-Bit
  • 24
  • MP3, WMA, AAC, 192kHz / 24-Bit WAV & FLAC via USB and Network
  • Yes
  • Multi-Channel
Soundfield Calibration
  • Auto/Plus
  • Advanced
  • 9-Band
  • 6
  • 1/2 inch
Listening Modes
  • Yes (Direct, Pure Direct)
  • 15+1 Mode DSP
  • Yes (Focus, Wide)
  • Surround Back / Height / Depth / Wide
Audio Features
  • Multi-Channel
  • HDMI Bitstream/ Multi
  • Multi-Channel
  • Multi-Channel / Auto with ARC
  • 2 Channel
  • Yes (10 Frame)
  • Versatile Speaker Configuration
  • Yes (Front Channel)
Video Processing
  • Yes with Input Switch / Last Memory
  • Qdeo
  • 1080p/24fps
  • 1080p
  • 1080p
  • HD Sources Progressive Motion - YNR, CNR, BNR, MNR, Detail, Brightness, Contrast, Hue, Chroma, Black level
  • 7 In ( 6 Rear, 1 Front) / 1 Out
  • Optional AS-BT200
  • 2 In / 1 Out
  • 4 in/ 1 out
  • Yes (USB+V)
  • 2 (Front 1, Rear 1 for Wireless LAN)
  • Y
  • Optional AS-WL300
  • 1 In (Assignable)
  • 4 In
  • 7.1 Channel (9.2 Terminals)
  • HDMI / USB / Composite Video
  • 63 Preset AM / FM Tunner
  • GUI
  • Included
  • Zone 2 AV and Zone 3 Analog Audio
  • 1 In / 1 Out
  • Zone 2 Text
  • Learning Remote Control
  • 30, 60, 90 min.
  • Bi-Amp / Zone 2 / B-Speaker / Surround Back / Front Height / Front Width
  • Brushed
  • 9 Large
  • 17.13 x 7.28 x 17.36
  • 31.75
  • AS-BT200


    Stereo Bluetooth Adapter

  • AS-WL300


    Wireless Network Adapter for Compatible A/V Receivers and Blu-ray Disc Players

NOTE: This firmware update cannot be performed via the Internet. It must be performed using a USB memory device
This firmware update includes the following:

  • Adds HTC Connect feature for compatible Android® phones.
  • Resolves an issue with connecting to Pandora's server.

Please note that all network settings, including the your Pandora account information, will be reset to the factory default after the update. Write down these settings before the update as they will be needed to set up the network again.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Updated 12/10/2012