7.2 Channel Network Ready Receiver
featuring Class D3 Amplification

  • Update: Spotify® Connect now available
  • 3D and 4K Ultra HD Upscaling/Pass-Through 
  • Multi-Zone Control for 2 HD Zones and 1 Powered Zone Audio
  • Gapless playback of AIFF, Apple Lossless, WAV, and FLAC files



The Pioneer SC-1323-K AV Receiver. Delivering Class D3 Power and Connectivity to Every Custom Installation
The new SC-1323-K receiver is perfect for custom home entertainment installations. Its robust aluminum front panel and insulated dual chassis houses the power and finesse of Class D3 amplification. Along with cutting-edge digital power, this fully equipped multi-zone AV receiver delivers advanced connectivity with features to match its performance.

Designed for Today’s Connected Lifestyle—You and Your iPad®, iPhone® and iPod®
The SC-1323-K is right at home with Apple® devices, thanks to Made for iPod touch, iPhone, and iPad certification. Easily connected with your normal charging cable, your Apple handheld device connects without the need for a dock. Plug-and-play has never been easier, because the SC-1323-K charges your Apple device too. You can even enjoy music enhanced with iTunes album art, for a total iTunes® experience.

When someone calls, iPhone will mute your music so you can talk. Use the iPhone directly, or push a single button on the SC-1323-K’s front panel to switch control to the included preset remote and an intuitive, full-color GUI.

Pioneer Makes AirPlay® Easy
Pioneer’s partnership with Apple lets you experience effortless AirPlay connectivity through Apple devices like iPhone, iPad and iPod. Network share your music with DLNA® and Windows 8®, stream your favorite artists straight from your PC or Mac® with Pandora, or listen to worldwide content with vTuner® Internet Radio.

For front-panel convenience, just plug a memory audio device into the USB port to enjoy music or photos in seconds. And of course, this Pioneer receiver is Bluetooth- and WiFi-ready with Pioneer’s optional AS-BT200 Bluetooth adapter and AS-WL-300 WiFi adapter.

And talk about uninterrupted entertainment. Listen to your favorite music in your car using your iPhone, leave your car mid-song and walk into your home. Using the AirPlay App on your iPhone, select the SC-1323: it powers up automatically and continues right where you left off. Not only that, the SC-1323-K supports network audio sources in Zones 2 and 3, allowing you to send music to other rooms. With AirPlay, your iTunes music doesn’t have to be restricted to your computer.

HTC Connect™ Lets Your Android™ Sing
The SC-1323-K brings enhanced convenience and impressive sound quality to the entertainment experience for users of HTC’s Android-powered HTC One series smartphones. You can stream high-quality, WAV-format files for an effortless, out-of-the-box audiophile experience with HTC Connect, and finally, critical listeners who demand serious sound can enjoy their music—with CD-quality resolution—using their HTC smartphone. Reality never sounded so good.

Spotify® Connect
Spotify Connect is a Premium feature that lets you play and control Spotify on your devices. Choose music on one device and listen on another. At home, hit play on your mobile and hear high fidelity sound on your AV receiver. You can also control the music from your mobile phone. Update your AV Receiver

Windows® 8 Certified
Windows 8 Play To feature makes it easy to stream your favorite music stored on your PC to our new line of networked AV Receivers. Don't limit your media experience to your laptop speakers. With the Windows 8 Play To feature and Pioneer’s new networked Receivers you can enjoy your media library on the biggest speakers in the house.

Connect to Your PC Music Files or Internet Radio
The SC-1323-K opens up a new world of networking. A rear panel Ethernet port allows full integration into your home network, and with Windows 8 and DLNA 1.5 certification, a broad new range of entertainment options are at your fingertips. With 192kHz/24-bit WAV, FLAC and AIFF file compatibility, network streaming audio playback is now attainable by the true audiophile. Stream your AIFF, Apple Lossless, MP3, AAC, WMA, WAV and FLAC music files from your PC, laptop or smartphone to your home theater system.

Thanks to vTuner, the SC-1323-K connects to thousands of Internet radio stations from around the world. You can also access Pandora radio services complete with on-screen album art and music information. An optional AS-WL300 wireless adapter is also available for your wireless network convenience.

Downloading Pioneer’s exclusive Air Jam application for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad devices allows up to four Apple devices to be paired via Bluetooth®. Choose songs from your device to add to the group playlist to playback on the SC-1323-K. Like a song your friend added? Select it and buy it from iTunes, or watch the music video on YouTube®.

Your Smartphone and Bluetooth, a Musical Combination
The SC-1323-K is ready for wireless Bluetooth audio from virtually any A2DP profile Bluetooth device. Untether yourself from cables and inputs with the Pioneer AS-BT200 Bluetooth adapter, and enjoy enriched quality with Sound Retriever AIR technology, created specifically to enhance Bluetooth audio.

The Power, Performance and Precision of Class D3 Amplification
Perfectionist audiophiles will love the SC-1323-K, which features advanced Class D3 amplification designed to reproduce music and soundtracks with uncompromising realism.

The revolutionary amplifiers inside the SC-1323-K feature a direct signal path with no noisy EMI filters, feedback loops or current limiting. Rated at 165 watts x 7 channels at 6 ohms with two channels driven, the SC-1323-K produces considerable power, and significantly more simultaneous multi-channel power than the competition.

And because the SC-1323-K is Class D3, it runs cool, using just a fraction of the energy of less efficient designs. Power and efficiency come together in the SC-1323-K.

Ultimate Sound Control and Advanced MCACC®
The SC-1323-K supports formats like Dolby TrueHD® and DTS-HD® Master Audio to give your Blu-ray Disc™ soundtracks unsurpassed audio quality. Pioneer also includes all of the Dolby® and DTS® surround formats best suited for the wide variety of entertainment sources, including the newest DTS Neo X format.

Advanced MCACC processing is like having your own sound engineer precision-tuning your system to your living room. Pioneer's Advanced Multi-Channel Acoustic Calibration system (MCACC) provides an optimized, multi-channel listening experience calibrated and customized specifically to your room by measuring every speaker's connection, and noting size and distance from the listening point, sound levels and timbre.

To eliminate the distortion caused by jitter during conversion, Pioneer’s PQLS technology allows the SC-1323-K to use its own high precision clock and adjust the transmission rate of bitstream sound data from a compatible Blu-Ray player, insuring every note and nuance is faithfully reproduced.

The SC-1323-K takes the multi-channel audio experience to a whole new level with four advanced, sound-enhancing virtual speaker modes. Virtual Depth is designed to complement 3D movies. Virtual Height creates sound effects from above your main front speakers, creating virtual height speakers ideal for gaming enthusiasts. Virtual Wide creates a seamless blend between your front and back speakers. Virtual Surround Back replaces your back surround speakers, freeing you to use the surround amplifier to drive a second zone, or bi-amp the front speakers. Virtual speaker modes can be applied together or separately. Filling in areas where minute details were left out during the compression process, even compressed audio like WMA, MP3 and AAC is enhanced with another Pioneer exclusive, Advanced Sound Retriever.

Advanced Qdeo® Video Processing. Picture-Perfect, Whatever the Source
Pioneer’s extensive video know-how makes home theater a truly immersive experience. The new SC-1323-K supports Ultra HD (4K) pass-through and upscaling. Qdeo video-processing technology and provides video conversion from composite and component video to HDMI for a single-wire high-definition audio and video solution, as well as up to 1080p/24fps video scaling for an exceptional picture regardless of the source, creating natural and noise-free video for maximum performance and flexibility.

And with Pioneer’s Advanced Video Adjust, you'll experience the very best in both high-definition and standard-definition signals, with a complete suite of advanced image adjustments designed to fine tune each of your video sources for the best possible picture.

3D-Ready with the Latest HDMI Technology
The SC-1323-K supports the latest HDMI® specifications. So not only do you get the most out of your existing movies and music, with the SC-1323-K you're prepared for the new generation of 3D video content. With 8 HDMI inputs (7 rear + 1 front) and 2 outputs, you've got plenty of connectivity options for the growing number of high-definition sources available.

BD Link for Blu-ray Disc™ Playback That Excels
The built-in BD Link technology of the SC-1323-K maximizes the fidelity of high-bandwidth, high-definition Blu-ray Disc playback from a compatible Pioneer or Elite Blu-ray Disc Player. BD Link Sound Retriever and BD Link Stream Smoother work together to ensure total fidelity from the original source, with no visual artifacts or out-of-sync audio at full HD resolutions, even in the fastest action scenes.

Your Apple or Android Device Becomes a Powerful Remote Control
Pioneer's free iControlAV2013 app turns your iPhone, iPod touch and iPad device or select Android devices into a powerful remote control by communicating with the SC-1323-K wirelessly through your home network. The all-new iControlAV2013 is fully redesigned, incorporating everything from basic volume and input selection to advanced features like EQ adjustments and Internet Radio control. iControlAV2013 for iPad includes enhanced features like vertical and horizontal orientation, intuitive control of music from networked PCs as well as Internet radio control, and an intuitive finger-EQ-adjust screen; simply draw the EQ curve to your desired sound preference. New Sound Explorer gives you easy access to experiment with the many powerful sound enhancements the SC-1323-K offers, like Hi-Bit 24, Auto Phase Control Plus, and Virtual Speaker modes.

AVNavigator Allows Easy Set-Up
Imagine an owner’s manual that actually communicates with your receiver. Or that asks you what sources you'd like to connect and how you'd like to configure your speakers—then walks you through the process as you do it.

An industry-first, Pioneer's AVNavigator is an interactive owner’s manual that takes all the guesswork out of setting up your receiver. AV Navigator uses your networked PC, MAC or iPad to communicate directly with the SC-1323-K, walking you through speaker set-up, Advanced MCACC room calibration, sound optimization, firmware updates and more.

Full-Color On-Screen Graphical User Interface
All of the SC-1323-K's advanced control and connectivity options are made even better with a full-color user interface via HDMI on your connected TV, allowing you to effortlessly navigate through the SC-1323-K's menu.

Meet the Ultimate Custom Home Theater Solution
With its durable aluminum front panel, the SC-1323-K is built to last. This receiver delivers versatile custom-installation solutions for home entertainment, with Multi-Zone capability that lets you set up three great systems. Now, you can enjoy home theater in the living room, television in the bedroom and serious music listening in the den.

Because Pioneer is dedicated to custom installation, our relationships with custom-control partners like AMX®, Control4®, Crestron® and other leading brands let users and installers integrate the SC-1323-K into whole-house systems. All this plus support for Pioneer Apps, third-party control devices, custom-ready detachable power cord, and IR in/out for universal remotes make this receiver the ultimate answer in custom home entertainment.

  • Class D3 (Direct Energy HD)
  • 7.2
  • VSX Model Power Rating Only
  • 165 Watts
  • 290 W/0.1 W (standby)
Handheld and Internet
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • iPhone 5, iPad mini, iPad with Retina display, iPod
  • iControlAV2013
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes
Decoders & Formats
  • Texas Instruments Aureus
  • 192K/24Bit
  • 24bit
  • Yes
  • MP3, WMA, AAC, Apple Lossless, 192kHz / 24-Bit WAV, FLAC, AIFF, DSD via USB and Network
  • Yes with Loudness Management
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Multi-Channel
Soundfield Calibration
  • Auto / Plus
  • Advanced
  • 6
  • Yes
  • 9-Band
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • 1/2 inch
  • Yes
  • Yes
Listening Modes
  • Yes (Direct, Pure Direct)
  • 15+1 Mode DSP
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Surround Back / Height / Depth / Wide
Audio Features
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • 2 Channel
  • Yes (800 ms)
  • Versatile Speaker Configuration
  • Yes (Front Channel)
Video Processing
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes with Input Switch / Last Memory
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Marvell QDEO
  • Yes
  • 4K Ultra HD
  • 4K Ultra HD
  • 4K Ultra HD
  • Yes
  • YNR, CNR, BNR, MNR, Detail, Brightness, Contrast, Hue, Chroma, Black Level
  • Yes
  • 8 In ( 7 Rear, 1 Front) / 2 Out
  • 1 (Front)
  • Optional AS-WL300
  • Optional AS-BT200
  • 2 In (Assignable)
  • Yes (Audio Only)
  • 2 (Front 1, Rear 1 for Wireless LAN)
  • Yes
  • Preout 7.1 ch (9.2 ch terminals)
  • Yes
  • 63 Preset AM / FM Tunner
  • Graphical User Interface (GUI) with Album Artwork (HDMI only)
  • Yes
  • HDMI HDZone Audio & Video / Powered Zone 2 Audio
  • 1 In / 1 Out
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Learning Remote Control
  • 30, 60, 90 min.
  • Brushed
  • All
  • 1 Year Parts & Labor
  • 17.13 x 7.31 x 15.56
  • 31.25 lbs.
  • Lightning Compatible

    Lightning Compatible

  • HTC Connect

    HTC Connect

  • Apple AirPlay Optimized

    Apple AirPlay Optimized

  • 4K Ultra HD <br>Pass-Through

    4K Ultra HD

  • MCACC <br> Room Calibration

    Room Calibration

Date Description
Sep 4, 2018
SC-72/71/1323/1223 FW Sept 4
Version 1-148-020-015-120
Firmware Update for Pandora Subscribers

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