6.1 Digital A/V Receiver


If it's power, fidelity, and convenience you're looking for, the VSXD912K is the receiver for you. With 110 watts x 6 channels, the VSX-D912K has power in reserve. The Auto MCACC (Multi-channel Acoustic Calibration) provides a microphone that listens to each of your speakers and automatically adjusts them for distance and sound level ensuring that each channel of sound reaches you at the right time and at the right volume; all automatically! Extra digital inputs; 5 total with a front optical digital input provides needed flexibility when the video game or camcorder may be on the move. A pre-programmed learning LCD remote is the control center for all of your equipment; even in the dark. The VSX-D912K is a serious A/V receiver equipped with an all aluminum front panel and cool blue volume LED indicator putting this A/V receiver in the same league as the big boys.
  • Hybrid
  • 110W x 2 Channel
  • 110W x 6 Channel
  • 16 9/16 * 6 4/16 * 15 4/16
  • 1 year parts & labor