Why is the AV Navigator program installing in the wrong language?

If the Windows operating system is one with administrative restrictions, you may need to install the program as Administrator.
With Windows Vista, 7, and 8 operating systems this is usually the cause of the program installing in the wrong language.

Follow the steps below to install the program.

1. If you have installed the AV Navigator program, remove the program.
2. Insert the AV Navigator disc. Close any windows that may open.
3. Open My Computer.
4. Right click on the drive where the disc is inserted, usually the D drive.
5. Select "open in new window".
6. Locate the executable file, usually starts with "AVNV" or "Setup". Right click on the AVNV or Setup file and select "Run as Administrator".
7. Follow the rest of the on screen prompts as you would normally do.

After following these steps the program should install in English and allow normal operation of the AV Navigator.
If you continue having problem, contact our Product Support at 1-800-421-1404.

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