Elite® 300 + 1 Disc DVD/CD Player

  • 300 + 1 Disc DVD/CD player with OSD
  • RS-232 Interface for PC
  • Keyboard/Mouse input

Suggested Price: $1,100.00

You've just found the center of your AV system...

Throw in your DVD Video's, CD's, and CD-R's, 301 of them, jack the F07 into your monitor, AV receiver, and other components, and then... decide which disc to play first. Whichever one you select will be faithfully reproduced, thanks to Pioneer's built-in technologies: Hi-Bit Legato Link conversion for pure audio and Virtual Dolby® Digital for movie sound processing. Convenience features abound. And here's a little secret for later: you can connect another DV-F07 to this one and control up to 600 discs. The Elite® two-year warranty applies.