How do you set the Region Code on a Pioneer Model BDC-2202?

The Blu-ray region code can be set or changed using the following steps: 

1. Power up the computer system. 

2. Run the WinDVD application program. 

3. Press the eject button of the BDC-2202 drive and leave the tray open. 

4. Right click anywhere in the WinDVD window and choose SETUP from the menu options. 

5. From the SETUP menu options choose the REGION tab. 

6. Make sure the CURRENT REGION drop-down has BD TITLE listed and not DVD TITLE. 

7. Choose the region you want (select region A if you reside in the United States). 

8. Click the OK button and then close the WinDVD application. 

9. Your Pioneer drive BDC-2202 is now set to Region A and is ready to play your Blu-ray movies. 

Note: Changing the Blu-ray region does not affect the DVD region.


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