Elite 1080p Streaming Blu-ray Disc Player

  • Stream Content from YouTube, Netflix, and RSS Feeds*
  • BD-Live Compliant with Dual USB Inputs for Expandable Memory
  • PQLS for Jitter-free 2-Channel and Multi-Channel Playback
  • Free iControlAV App for iPhone® & iPod touch® *
  • RS-232/IP Control
  • Elite-exclusive Armored Chassis Construction



1080p High-Definition Picture as the Director Intended, with Custom RS-232 Support and Armored Chassis Construction

Pioneer's range of Blu-ray Disc® players bring you closer than ever to your movies, seen the way the director intended it. In the past, film displayed on television required stretching 24 frames-per-second to match the 30 frames-per-second of television. More often than not, this would result in annoying motion judder and unnatural on-screen images. With True 24fps at up to 1080p resolution, you see only what the director intended as all film sources are displayed at their actual speed.

The BDP-33FD Elite player brings you this unrivaled picture and audio quality with new media features like online streaming of popular video content sites, optional wireless connectivity with a USB dongle (sold separately), and a free application for your iPhone® or iPod touch® that turns your media player into a full-fledged remote. There's also a dedicated RS-232 port for integration into custom home automation systems like Crestron® and Control4®.

True-to-Life, High-Definition Audio with Dolby TrueHD, DTS-HD Master Audio, and Precision Quartz Lock (PQLS)
The BDP-33FD supports the latest high-definition audio formats like Dolby® TrueHD and DTS-HD® Master Audio to give your Blu-ray Disc movies a soundtrack that's true-to-life. Professional-quality DACs and the Pioneer-exclusive PQLS (when paired with a PQLS-equipped Pioneer A/V receiver) precisely control the audio bitstream signals from the video player for the absolute best jitter-free signal transfers of Blu-ray, DVD, and CD music during multichannel output.

Internet Streaming from Popular Video Content Sites
Connecting the BDP-33FD via an Ethernet cable or the optional wireless dongle lets you access select Internet video content sites such as YouTube -- so you're not just limited to your movie collection for home entertainment.

Wireless Ready with USB Dongle (sold separately)
The BDP-33FD has an Ethernet port for Internet connectivity, but you can connect it to your home network wirelessly using the AS-WL100 Wireless Adapter (sold separately). The dongle is 802.11/n-compatible and supports WPA, WPA2, AES, and TKIP encryption and features an on-screen GUI setup -- so you can integrate the BDP-33FD into any home network configuration quickly and easily.

BD-Live Support with Expandable Memory
Every Pioneer Blu-ray Disc player is BD-Live™ compatible, allowing you access to additional features like online games to stunning high-definition bonus content.

Free iPhone Application Turns Your iPhone/iPod Into a Video Player Remote
Download the free Pioneer iControlAV app and use your iPhone or iPod touch as a full-fledged video player remote when your BDP-33FD is connected to your home network. Use it for menu functions, play/pause commands, and even adjust the sound field during playback. Simply access the Apple® App StoreSM to download.

Armored Chassis Construction Eliminates Jitter for Crystal-Clear Reproduction
The BDP-33FD features an Armored Chassis Construction, a layered chassis concept that adds extra insulation and drive stabilization for the smoothest, most jitter-free playback possible.



*Requires Home Network
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