The Elite® flagship DV-59AVi DVD Player is built to deliver an unsurpassed audio and video experience, period. What makes it such an incredible machine? Here are a few reasons:

  • A 14-bit, 216MHz video digital-to-analog converter (DAC) that delivers professional-quality video. This high-end DAC provides exceptionally clean images with very low noise.Three high-end
  • Burr-Brown Chipsets, for extraordinarily pure audio processing.
  • A Pixel Conversion IC that automatically increases the pixel count from progressive 480 x 720 to an amazing high-definition progressive 1280 x 720, or 1920 x 1080i. More pixels = better picture.
  • With Pure Cinema Progressive Scan, the DV-59AVi achieves high conversion accuracy by actually re-creating the original frames of a film and displaying them in a 3-2 order (called 3-2 pull-down), matching the output to television standards. This creates natural, film-like, flicker-free images that are smooth and virtually free of bothersome artifacts on moving objects.
  • DVD-Audio (DVD-A) and Super Audio CD (SACD) Playback. These two advanced formats represent the future of audio on disc, with high-density, high-resolution music that is miles ahead of CD. The music is bigger, more detailed, and more open, and you will definitely hear the difference.
  • A new type of all-digital output called a High Definition Multimedia Interface, or HDMI™. This high-bandwidth interface allows huge amounts of very high quality data—both video and audio—to be output at high rates of speed, up to 5 GBps. And it doesn't perform unnecessary D/A and A/D conversions, so the signal remains in a pure, digital state, and this lossless process ensures the highest quality level. HDMI offers plug-and-play capability and accommodates all of the current ATSC digital television formats, plus it supports up to eight channels of audio.
  • i-LINKConnectivity. i-LINK connectivity, a.k.a. IEEE1394, is an advanced digital interface that, with one digital cable, can simplify your system and expand its performance at the same time. It's perfect for handling high-resolution formats like DVD-Audio and SACD.
  • To ensure that the sound you're outputting is appropriate to the room in which it's played, the Bass Management System lets you control the amount of bass sent to your speakers. You can also make adjustments with the speaker distance control in .5-foot increments, to maintain balanced sound on multi-channel DVDs and DVD-Audio discs.
  • Triple-Layered Construction: To protect its sensitive, extremely high-quality ICs and video processors, the DV-59AVi's design includes a triple-layered construction underneath the machine. This greatly increases the isolation of the components from vibration, for improved video and audio performance.
  • Covered by the Elite two-year warranty.

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