DVD/LD/CD Player


Elite DVD / LD / CD Compatible Player
  • Urushi Finish
  • Rosewood Side Panels

Mechanical Features

  • Component Video Output
  • Copper Chassis for Superior Shielding Large Insulating Feet
  • Aluminum Front Panel

Performance Features

  • Variable Digital Noise Reduction (LD)
  • Improved LSI Design
  • MPEG 2 Decoder with Viter-Bi Error Correction Processing
  • 10 Bit Video Processing w/10 Bit Video DAC
  • High Bit Legato Link Conversion
  • 96k / 20 Bit Audio DAC w/ High Bit Conversion
  • DTS Compatible (exclusive at time of intro)
  • Dual Focus Pickup
  • Virtual Dolby Surround (SRS TruSurround)

Convenience Features

  • Heads-Up Jog / Shuttle Remote
  • New Improved GUI Menu System
  • Both Side Play for LaserDisc
  • Digital Memory for LaserDisc
  • Condition Memory for DVD recalls set-up conditions such as language, Subtitle, and Aspect Ratio, for up to 30 discs.
  • Last Memory for DVD and LD recalls last scene played and set-up conditions for 5 DVDs and 1 LD
  • Independent DVD / CD Tray

Output Terminals

  • Component Video Outputs (DVD Only)
  • AC-3 Bit Stream / PCM Optical Output
  • Gold Plated AC-3 Bit Stream / PCM Coaxial Output
  • Gold Plated PCM Coaxial Output
  • Gold Plated Analog Audio Output x 2
  • Gold Plated AC-3 RF Output for LaserDisc
  • Gold Plated S 2 Video Output x 2
  • Gold Plated Composite Video Output x 2


  • 2 years Parts and Labor