Say goodbye to your VCR: now you can easily record your favorite TV shows straight to DVD-R or -RW, with much higher quality and durability than videotape. Then, watch them according to your schedule, not the networks’. Basic editing is even possible: set up a menu or playlist for your home movies, re-name a chapter before finalizing, or erase part of a title. The thumbnail images on your DVD recordings’ menu are shown in full motion with sound, so it’s actually fun to find the show or home-movie segment you’re looking for. The DVR-320-S also features a built-in TV tuner, Pioneer’s high-quality PureCinema™ progressive scan playback, and compatibility with DVDs, CDs, MP3s, and WMAs.


Playback Features
  • Yes
  • Yes (before finalization in Video mode)
  • Yes (but not in Video mode)
  • Yes
  • Yes (not in Video mode)
Recording Features
  • Yes (Video mode only)
  • FINE:+/-1 H, SP:+/-2 H, LP:+/-4 H, EP:+/-6 H, MIN:+/-1 - 6 H (32 steps) Auto: Automatically with disc residual quanity
  • 99
  • Yes
  • 32/month
  • Yes (FINE, MN32)
Editing Features
  • Yes
  • Yes (Video mode only)
  • Yes
  • Yes (but not Video mode)
  • Yes (VR mode only)
  • Frame
  • Frame/Title(VR mode)
  • HDD/Video mode (user-defined) and VR mode (10 min./15 min. no separation)
  • Yes (not in VR mode)
  • Yes
Picture Quality
  • Yes
  • Component Frame DNR
  • 10-bit/54MHz
  • 2-13ch
  • 14-69ch
  • C1-C125ch
  • 3(front:1)
  • 3(front:1)
  • 2
  • 2
  • 1
  • Optical
  • IN/OUT
  • AC120V/60Hz
  • 26W
  • .42W (Display off)
  • Yes