Pioneer BonusView Blu-ray Disc Player




Get ready for movies like you’ve never seen before. Prepare yourself for the stunning new world of the BDP-51FD Pioneer® BonusView™ Blu-ray Disc player.

Experience Blu-ray content in a whole new way. Open your eyes to a whole new realm of possibilities. A world unlike anything you’ve ever known. Where watching movies and entertainment at home will never feel the same again. And everything you see, hear and feel is more thrilling than you ever thought possible.

Brace yourself for the wonders of spectacular 1080p resolution and for unrivaled image quality. A world where True24FPS ensures every movie you watch is now viewed just as the director intended.

Set your sights on a single-wire connection so technologically advanced now one HDMI® digital connection is all you need to output both HD audio and video signals to your HDMI capable A/V receiver or HD flat panel.

Get ready for a world where pictures and music come together in a brand new way on a Blu-ray Disc Player with HDMI control, powered from a single remote. Delivering 3 different noise reduction circuits, 7.1 channel analog audio outputs and internal audio output, this Blu-ray Disc Player brings added dimension and more stunning detail to everything you see, hear and feel.

It’s a world where years of technological innovation make everything you’ve ever seen or heard before ordinary and mundane by comparison. Where Wolfson™ Audio DACs — featuring a signal-to-noise ratio of 117db provide the purest, most pristine music and movie soundtrack performance available. And an exclusive Jitter Reduction Circuit utilizes Pioneer-developed IC to digitally reshape the waveform of the audio clock. Empowering the Pioneer BDP-51FD with a stunningly impressive ability to reduce jitter in every piece of content you see or hear.

All of which create a home theater experience…so unbelievably thrilling, it will move you in ways you never knew possible. Ultimately, it’s a world so completely different, so beyond extraordinary…it will change the way you look, listen and feel about watching movies at home, forever.

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  • Spectacular 1080p Picture Quality: The BDP-51FD provides up to 1920 x 1080p resolution for an unrivaled picture quality. And with True24FPS, now see your movies as the director intended.
  • Single-Wire Connection: One HDMI® 1.3a digital connection is all you need from the BDP-51FD to output both HD audio and video signals to your HDMI-capable A/V receiver or HD flat panel. Compared to typical connections, the HDMI interface replaces multiple cords without degradation in signal quality between components. HDMI 1.3a also provides 12-bit deep color support, improving subtle gradations between colors.
  • HDMI Control: Master your home theater universe. The BDP-51FD supports HDMI Control, which allows you to seamlessly control all your HDMI Control-equipped Pioneer A/V equipment with a single remote.
  • Wolfson™ Audio DACs: Each DAC features a signal-to-noise ratio of 117db. Wolfson DACs provide top-notch audio performance from music and movie soundtracks.
  • Exclusive Jitter Reduction Circuit: Utilizing a Pioneer developed IC, this circuit digitally reshapes the waveform of the audio clock to greatly reduce jitter for all content.
  • Frequency Control Circuit: By tuning the low-pass filter, waveform distortion of the coaxial digital output is greatly reduced for improved audio performance.
  • Picture Control Suite: 13 different video adjustments (Progressive Motion, PureCinema, YNR, CNR, BNR, MNR, Detail, White Level, Black Level, Black Setup, Gamma Correction, Hue, and Chroma Level)
  • 3 Different Noise Reduction Circuits: 3D Noise Reduction: ––based on pixel-per-pixel basis to reduce Gaussian Noise without blurring the image.
    lock and Mosquito Noise Reduction: to enhance poorly created content.
  • BonusView Support: Independent High-Definition simultaneous video streams. Watch your Blu-ray disc movies while watching the bonus features at the same time. (Picture-in-Picture)
  • 7.1 Channel Analog Audio Outputs: for compatibility with non-HDMI equipped receivers and preamps.
  • Internal Audio Decoders: The BDP-51FD features internal decoding of all advanced audio formats including Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby TrueHD, DTS-HD High Resolution, and DTS-HD Master*. The BDP‑51FD also provides bit-stream audio over the HDMI jack of all of the above formats.
    Easy Operation and Setup: New Advanced HD GUIs for easy navigation.
  • Latest Generation PureCinema Deinterlacer: Multi-Format Compatibilty: The BDP-51FD is compatible with BD‑ROM, BD-R, BD-RE, DVD-Video, DVD-R (Video Mode) / RW (Video Mode), and CD media.


  • HDMI Output
  • Component Video Output*
  • Composite Video Output*
  • S-Video Output*
  • 7.1-Channel Audio Output*
  • 2-Channel Audio Output
  • Coaxial Digital Output*
  • Optical Digital Output
  • SR Input

*Gold Plated


  • Power Requirements: 120V/60Hz
  • Product Weight: 12 lbs. 9 oz.


  • W x H x D: 16.54” x 4.89” x 14.18”


Updated on 10/08/2013

This firmware update only applies to products sold in the US