Dedicated DVD / CD Player
  • Component Video Output
  • Built in Dolby Digital Decoder with 6 channel output
  • New VideoLSI for improved data reading and decoding, and a shortened signal path
  • Virtual Dolby Surround Capable
  • Video CD playback capability

Performance Features

  • Pioneer Exclusive Viter-Bi RF Decoding process for improved error correcting capability
  • Newly developed Accurate Digital Servo for precise data reading
  • Automatic Gain Level Adjustment minimizes jitter
  • 10 Bit Video Processing re-quantizes 8 bit video data to 10 bit video data prior to D/A conversion process
  • 10 Bit Video D/A Converter converts 10 bit video data into equivalent analog signal with minimum conversion error
  • 24 bit resolution Audio D/A Converter with 96kHz sampling frequency
  • Hi-Bit Conversion re-quantizes original 16 bit and 20 bit audio data for equivalent 24 bit resolution on DVD and CD
  • Built-in crossovers for 6 channel input: Front / Center / Rear


  • Audio Signal to Noise Ratio: 000 dB
  • Video Signal to Noise Ratio: 00 dB (DVD)
  • Frequency Response: 4 Hz to 22kHz (fs: 48 kHz) (DVD), 4 Hz to 44kHz (fs: 96 kHz) (DVD), 4 Hz to 20kHz (CD)

Convenience Features

  • Condition Memory for DVD recalls set-up conditions such as Language, Subtitle, Aspect Ratio and Mode for up to 30 discs
  • Last Memory for DVD recalls last scene played and set-up conditions for 5 DVDs
  • Graphic User Interface
  • Heads Up Full Function Remote Control

Output Terminals

  • Component Video Output
  • AC-3 Bit Stream / PCM Optical Output
  • AC-3 Bit Stream / PCM Coaxial Output
  • PCM Coaxial Output
  • Analog Audio Output x 2
  • S Video Output x 2
  • Composite Video Output x 2


  • 1 Year Parts and Labor