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Pioneer's SE-Master1 headphones produce unparalleled audio quality for music enthusiasts on-the-go, so the concert never ends.

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The new Pioneer Digital Audio Player allows you to store and stream your favorite hi-res music, right from the palm of your hand.

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Streamline your audio experience with the SX-N30 Receiver. Its built-in network capabilities and two-channel listening design dramatically enhance hi-res audio from any source.


The ultimate gathering of consumer tech

Pioneer continues to lead the industry in consumer electronics with very best in personal and home entertainment. This year at CES Las Vegas, NV, Jan 6-9, join us as we share the next wave of innovation in sound reproduction and home entertainment technology.

The future of audio is in high-resolution

It started with vinyl’s pure analogue richness. Then digital audio made music portable but clipped sound with compression schemes. Finally, we have come full-circle with high-resolution audio, the ultimate listening experience that captures audio recordings at a higher frequency with greater depth and more resolute quality.

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