Portable Hi-Res audio entertainment system for premium audio, apps and video

  • Google Play™ and Android™ OS provides access to all your favorite apps
  • Industry first MQA® compatible portable player – MQA Update on April 12th via “Music” App available at the Google Play store
  • 32GB Internal Storage
  • Two MicroSD slots for up to 400GB additional storage


The portable high-resolution audio entertainment system for the audiophile that wants Pioneer home-theater sound quality in the palm of their hand.

With the increased availability of audio formats mastered in higher than CD quality audio, discerning listeners increasingly demand a playback device to support them. The XDP-100R Hi-Res Digital Audio Player delivers the finest engineering for high resolutions audio in a handheld device.

High quality audio in your pocket

Download, store, and playback the latest high-resolution audio formats such as 11.2MHz DSD, 384kHz FLAC and WAV audio files. With support for all standard compressed audio and video formats, the 4.7-inch display extends the XDP-100R to a mobile entertainment system for enjoying all your favorite movies, apps and games.

Built for connectivity

With Android™ OS as the operating platform, you can access Google Play™, OnkyoMusic, Tidal™, Spotify®, and sync your existing iTunes® libraries. Using the on-board Wi-Fi® and Bluetooth® support you can stream playback directly to your home theater or other Wi-Fi-enabled devices. The 32GB internal memory and dual expandable micro SD card slots (support for up to 200GB per slot-400GB max) provide ample space for all of your favorite high-resolution audio files.

Continuing the Pioneer tradition of innovation

Engineered to limit noise from entering the audio signal, the XDP-100R features ESS™ SABRE DAC ES9018K2M for audio signal circuitry matched with the SABRE 9601K headphone amp to optimize audio processing. For the best audio output, the 3.5mm headphone jack delivers up to 192kHz 24bit high quality audio and supports line out mode to connect with other equipment. Or you can use the built-in speaker for casual listening without headphones.

The XDP-100R was designed with the same goal as our AV Receivers, to reduce distortion and bring the true sound of the music to the listener. To do this, engineers separated the amplifier and DAC from the main circuit board, isolating the digital noise. This separation also allowed engineers to focus on the audio board, creating a closed-loop design, keeping the audio signal as clean and pure as possible.

MQA Support

Pioneer’s XDP-100R is the industry’s first portable high-resolution player to support the Master Quality Authenticated (MQA) lossless audio standard. MQA® delivers superior audio with dramatically improved music detail for studio-grade sound in a portable device, but with file sizes comparable to a CD. The XDP-100R supports playback of the most popular music files and formats including DSD (DSF/DSDIFF), FLAC, ALAC, WAV, AIFF, Ogg Vorbis/ MP3, and AAC.

For the true audiophile, the emerging DSD11.2MHz, WAV 384kHz/24bit or FLAC 384kHz/24bit hi-res audio standards are becoming truly portable. New MQA technology restores master recordings without taking up as much file space. Experience music as it is meant to be heard with the XDP-100R, the portable audio platform with playback so real, it’s as if you are on stage or in the recording studio with the artist.

 MQA Update on April 12th via “Music” App available at the Google Play store

Solid Construction

The sleek body design is made of rigid machined aluminum, with removable top and bottom bumpers to protect cables and connectors from wear and tear. Available in either a black or silver finish, each XDP-100R delivers as much as 10 hours of playback time. With the 4.7-inch hi-definition 1280x720 pixel touch screen, you can easily navigate to frequently used playlists and EQ settings with the intuitive, easy to use interface.

X-DAP Link Software

Easily manage all your music using the X-DAP Link Software for Windows® and Mac® based systems. The X-DAP Link software is smart enough to look into your existing libraries—iTunes for example—to give you easy access so you can easily store and manage all of your music for the XDP-100R in one convenient location.

Click here to download the X-DAP Link Application

Useful Apps

App Description  
OnkyoMusic Simple downloads straight to your XDP-100R thanks to the OnkyoMusic App
Pioneer Control App Set up your AV Receiver and XDP-100R on the same network at home to control your home theater system from the palm of your hand
Tidal Stream Hi-Res, CD Quality music from your favorite artists through the XDP-100R
Spotify Stream millions of Hi-Res music and build your custom playlist to fit your mood

Manuals & Brochures


Software update for Pioneer model XDP-100R
SW version:
March 14, 2016

This update contains the following changes.

  • Improved music playback
  • Improved GUI Interface

Once the XDP-100R is connected to the internet, a message “System update available” will be displayed on the screen when a new software update is available.
*It may take several days for your device to receive the notice of the new software update.

To start the update process tap on the “DOWNLOAD” and follow the on screen instructions. You can also choose to update at a later time.

Click here to download the Software Update Instructions

Click here to download the X-DAP Link Application