Portable Digital Audio Player

  • 11.2 DSD, 384Khz / 24-bit, MQA® playback
  • Dual ESS® Sabre ES9018K2M DACs and 9601K amps for balanced output
  • 32GB internal memory with 2 microSD slots (up to 200GB each)
  • AndroidTM operating system with Play StoreTM accessibility
  • Built-in Wi-Fi®, Bluetooth®, and aptX®

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Inspire your music life; Stimulate your senses, Experience Hi-Res with the XDP-300R

Playback a Multitude of High Quality Audio Sources

The XDP-300R supports all your current audio from MP3’s to streaming music from your favorite internet apps. With playback support for up to 11.2MHz DSD, 384kHz/24 bit PCM, FLAC, ALAC, WAV, AIFF, and MQA it is possible to enjoy many existing Hi-Res audio formats. Equipped with both 2.5 mm balanced output and 3.5 mm headphone output; audio can also be output via Micro USB-B/OTG digital output, and wireless output to connect the XDP-300R offers a wide selection of headphones and peripherals. Compatible Formats: DSD(DSF/DSDIFF)/FLAC/ALAC/WAV/AIFF/MQA/OggVorbis/MP3/AAC

High Resolution Playback with Twin DAC & Amp Setup

Incorporating twin unit ESS Technology DAC “ES9018K2M” and AMP “SABRE 9601K” each allows for extreme high resolution audio and component audio design philosophy while still maintaining a realistic power envelop for a portable device.

Independent Audio Circuit Board

Complete separation between the audio circuit board (DAC & AMP) and CPU board to allow for internally separated construction. Within the DAC & AMP board, the audio circuitry and switching power are distanced as far as physically possible to limit the effects of noise. The DAC & AMP have their own capacitors to provide a clean audio signal with its closed loop design. Attention was made to circuit design to keep digital noise from getting in between you and your music.

Two types of Balanced Drives

Balanced output via the 2.5mm 4 pole supports the standard "BTL" drive as well as "ACG (Active Control GND)" drive. ACG drive is a different form of balanced drive where the amp's COLD side actively drives to create an ideally stable GND. Power gains and increased sound separation associated with balanced output are repurposed to create increased stability for a clean signal and a greater sound clarity, especially compared to unbalanced drive.

X-DAP Link Software

Easily manage all your music using the X-DAP Link Software for Windows® and Mac® based systems. The X-DAP Link software is smart enough to look into your existing libraries—iTunes for example—to give you easy access so you can easily store and manage all of your music for the XDP-300R in one convenient location.

Click here to download the X-DAP Link Application

High Precision EQ-HD

With up to 16,384 discrete bands to select from, and the ability to save up to 1,000 EQ profiles, the linear-phase FIR equalizer offers high definition equalization with zero loss in audio quality.

Intuitive GUI Interface

The capacitive touch screen incorporates a GUI that allows for swiping vertically between your often accessed playlists and equalizer settings at the flick of your finger. There is also a selectable GUI to display full color album art and rearranging of the button layout to the lower half of the screen for easier one handed operation.

Large capacity storage and battery life

Equipped with 2 micro SD card slots (up to 200GBs each) ,the internal memory of 32GBs (including system area), have access to up to 432GBs of storage for music, movies, and apps. With up to 16 hours* of Hi-Res audio playback, play to your heart's content.
* 96kHz/24 bit FLAC unbalanced playback

High quality audio, wirelessly

Tether to your smartphone via Wi-Fi to enjoy Hi-Res audio streaming. Enjoy high quality sound wirelessly using Bluetooth and aptX.

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