High Power 5.1 Surround Sound System

  • 5.1 Speaker Package
  • Dolby Digital® & DTS® 5.1 Surround



Suggested Price: $299.00

Open your heart to a world where whispers sing, images spring to life in completely new ways and everything you see and hear moves you in ways you never thought possible. Set your sights on the new Pioneer® HTP-2920 High Power 5.1 Surround Sound System and experience a world of home entertainment unlike anything you’ve ever heard before. With stunning audio innovations such as Advanced Sound Retriever for improved sound quality of compressed audio and Pioneer Hybrid Amplifier Design, this is a world so vivid – so lifelike, so incredibly stimulating – everything is completely changed.

It’s a world where surround sound technology performs in ways previously unimagined. A place where uncompromising attention to detail delivers superior sound quality from a high powered 6-channel amplifier. Where a down-firing subwoofer provides deep bass and wide dispersion for a stunningly powerful home theater experience…unlike anything that has ever existed before.

Prepare yourself for a future of enhanced convenience; a system controlled by an SR remote, with quick setup operation and a tuner-edit operation. Set your sights on a universe able to preset 30 FM/AM stations. Get ready for three audio input terminals, one audio record output and three digital inputs, plus a front mini-jack – easily connecting this incredible new world with a portable audio device. But there’s more to this new world than terminal connections. This system performs differently too, thanks to meticulous front, center, and surround speaker tuning combined with a technologically advanced multi-channel receiver designed for improved clarity, convincing bass response, and pristine frequency response. Forever changing the way you see, hear and feel.

Ultimately, it’s a world so intense, so rich, so real, you’ll discover feelings so deep…tears fall like lead, fear flows like wildfire and passions swell with the rising tide. It’s a world so wonderful, so different, so completely new — your senses will need to adapt in ways never before imagined.

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