5.1 Surround Sound System Featuring DVD Player with HDMI® Video Output

  • HDMI Upscaling (to 720p/1080p)
  • USB Connection for JPEG “Slideshow with Music”



Technology has reached the point where you can create the magic of going to the movies, right at home. Of course not every living room has been designed to serve as a home theater.

That’s the idea behind the Pioneer HTZ-575DV home theater system. The perfect complement to your flat panel TV, it is a truly extraordinary plug and play solution, creating a complete Surround Sound audio/video experience in any space.

The HTZ-575DV provides DVD playback upscaling to 1080p resolution via HDMI to your flat panel television. You will experience the high quality video, along with a soundscape of great depth and richness created by the 5.1 channel amplifier.

The speaker system is extremely versatile. Six side cubes and dual center channel speakers can be configured in a variety of ways, allowing the HTZ-575DV to turn any space into a spectacular home theater.

Because every room affects sound differently, Pioneer created the Multi Channel Acoustic Calibration system to tailor the audio precisely to your environment. The receiver actually ‘listens’ to the space and automatically makes a complex series of very subtle equalization adjustments to optimize performance.

The Sound Retriever even enhances your MP3 music library so you can hear everything in glorious near CD quality audio. In addition, the “Slideshow With Music” feature allows you to connect any USB device containing music and picture files and present you with an orchestrated presentation of your pictures, set to your music.

The perfect complement to any flat panel television, the HTZ-575DV is an elegantly designed, fully contained system. A simple and powerful way to enter the world of home theater, where you will see and hear like never before.