Complete DVD 5.1 Audio/Video System with Front Stage Surround

Suggested Price: $700.00

The HTZ-740DV features an ultra-slim subwoofer and floor-standing speakers, giving you several configuration options to best fit your room layout and decor. The stylish subwoofer can be placed almost anywhere in the room; and the two floor-standing speakers are actually comprised of a front speaker and a top-mounted, rear-channel speaker that can swivel. When used in the system’s "Front Stage Surround” mode, the front and rear speaker combination creates 5.1 channel surround sound — no speaker wire running around the room, and no need for wall-hanging rear speakers! With 600 watts of high power amplification, Dolby Digital 5.1 and DTS 5.1 surround processing, and Windows Media Audio (WMA) playback, the HTZ-740DV is the perfect multi-channel system to complement your new flat HDTV.


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