The visually stunning PDP-5030HD (4" thick, yet 50" diagonally) delivers movies, sports, and concerts in full high-definition, and even up-converts analog signals to a 768 progressive display, for a vastly improved picture. Its Deep-Encased Cell Structure drastically reduces leakage of light and color to adjacent pixels to deliver new industry standards in brightness and contrast. When you're playing a movie, the PureCinema II function recreates each still frame, for a more film-like presentation. It is also a high-resolution Mac or PC monitor, able to process input up to, and beyond, XGA. All connections go though an outboard Media Receiver, which maintains totally digital transmission for the highest signal quality. The Media Receiver includes dual NTSC tuners so you can watch two channels at once, and provides a full complement of inputs (including a dedicated component-video input). Detachable side speakers and a table-top stand complete the picture.

System Configuration:

  • Plasma Display
  • Media Receiver
  • Pair of Side Mount Speaker
  • Table Top Stand


  • Plasma Display
    • Full High Definition and Native Wide XGA resolution - 16:9 Aspect Ratio (1280 x 768)
    • Pure Color Filter for Improved Color Accuracy
    • Deep Encased Cell Structure
    • Advanced Continuous Emission Display technology
    • Wide Viewing Angle (Horizontal/Vertical 160 x 160 degrees)
    • Automatic Format Conversion of any source to 768 progressive display
    • High Contrast Black Stripe Coating for improved contrast
    • 16.77 million colors reproduction
    • 10 Bit Signal Processing
  • Media Receiver
    • Dual - 181 Channel NTSC tuners with split screen capability
    • 480i, 480p, 720p and 1080i HDTV compatible
    • 12W+12W amplifier with SRS and FOCUS surround sound system
    • 3 language on screen display (English, Spanish and French)
    • PureCinema II for accurate 2:3 pull down film detection
    • Adjustable Color Temperature (5 steps)
    • Display Modes: 4:3, Full, Zoom, Cinema and Wide
    • 3 dimensional Y/C Separation
    • Screen Adjustment for PC Use
    • SMART Remote Control, allowing for recall of other mfg product codes as well as being able to learn other mfg remote codes.
    • Inputs/Outputs:
      • Antenna Input: x 2 (75 ohms Unbalanced F connector)
      • Antenna Output: x 1 (75 ohms Unbalanced F connector)
      • A/V Inputs (Front): x 1 (RCA pin)
      • A/V Inputs (Rear): x 3 (RCA pin)
      • A/V Output (Rear): x 1 (RCA pin)
      • S- Video Input (Front): x 1
      • S- Video Output (Rear): x 1
      • S- Video Input (Rear): x 3
      • Component Input: x 2
      • D-Sub 15 Input (Front): x 1 (For PC Input)
      • D-Sub 15 Input (Rear): x 1 (For Video HD Input)
      • Audio Input (Front): x 1 (Mini Stereo)
      • SR In/Output: x 2
  • Side Mount Speaker
    • Slim 2-way speaker system to fit on both sides of the Plasma Display
  • Table Top Stand
    • Small footprint to place the Plasma Display on a table, cadenza or sideboard.

Optional Accessories:

  • PDWB-5003 (Flat Wall Bracket)
  • PWM-503 (Tilt Wall Bracket)

Dimensions (inch) - (Width - Height - Depth)/Weight (lbs.):

  • Plasma Display : 47-15/16 x 28-1/8 x 3-27/32/90.3lbs.
  • Media Receiver: 16-17/32 x 2-3/4 x 13/14.3lbs.
  • Speaker (pc): 2-29/32 x 28-1/8 x 3-27/32/3.7lbs.


  • 1 years parts and labor/Residential application only/Image persistence in not covered