• XGA 1365 x 768 Pixels
  • HDMI® Input
  • Picture in Picture


Are you ready for 61” (Diagonal) of high-definition movies, sports, and concerts? A beautiful picture this big is an almost overpowering combination. Which, of course, is exactly what you want. Here's why this X-X-L plasma monitor with High Definition WXGA resolution should be in your TV room tonight. Or at least by the weekend.

Bright images, true colors
Bright images and accurate color values are critical to a plasma's picture quality. So, we developed a construction technique called Encased Cell Structure, which isolates each plasma cell in its own four-walled housing. This allows the plasma to use more phosphor in each cell without allowing light to escape into neighboring cells and dilute the colors. It's more efficient, but more importantly it creates brighter images and truer colors.

Less reflection, better contrast, more detail
Thinking of placing your plasma panel in a well-lit room? Not a problem: the PDP-6100HD employs a patented black coating between each row of plasma cells, absorbing the light hitting the panel. This reduces reflections coming back to your viewing position and nearly doubles the effective contrast. You'll see blacker blacks and a more detailed picture, regardless of light conditions. So go ahead, open the curtains.

More accurate colors
The clear front of the PDP-6100HD is actually a precisely machined, optical-grade glass panel. This panel acts as a Pure Color Filter that equalizes the spectrum of light emitted by the plasma, so you'll see a full range of colors with a very high level of color accuracy.

Watch two at once, with Picture-in-Picture
OK, admit it: sometimes you want to watch two programs at the same time. Picture in Picture lets you display any combination of HDTV, NTSC, or computer images as one full-screen image with a smaller image inset. So, now you can watch pro football on HDTV alongside fantasy football from your PC.

HDMI terminal: versatile, powerful, simple
In addition to a set of A/V and computer ins and outs, this 61” flat panel includes an HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) terminal that enables direct digital input of video and audio signals using just one HDMI cable — for example from your DVD player or cable box. HDMI provides a straight path from point A to point B and the signal remains in a pure, digital state. The result: completely “lossless” transmission that delivers exceptional image and sound quality compared to conventional connection types.

Covered by the Pioneer one-year limited warranty.

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  • XGA - 1365 x 768
Panel Technology
Pure Drive Video Features
  • 4 Settings (off / high / med / low)
  • yes
Convenience Features
  • Display modes to view multiple sources at one time.
  • Full function
  • x1
  • x1
  • x1 each
  • <b>(Optional)</b>
  • 57.9 x 34.7 x 4.7 <b>inches</b> (WxHxD)
  • 1470 x 880 x 119 <b>mm</b> (WxHxD)
  • 134.5 lbs.
  • 65 x 41.2 x 21.3 <b>inches</b> (WxHxD)
  • 173.8 lbs.