TAD driver:CST-6001

Witness the Creation of Superior Audio
The first step in the painstaking development of Pioneer’s premium speaker series is the creation of an outstanding concentric tweeter/midrange speaker driver. Cutting-edge TAD technologies allow the driver to reproduce exceptionally accurate audio. Every element has been crafted using only the highest-quality materials, ensuring that all frequencies of this wide-range driver are always precise and laser-sharp, boasting extraordinary liveliness and delicacy. Add in the Neodymium magnet’s tremendous strength and the result is fluent and consistent sound at a superior level of true-to-life detail, ideal for DVD-Audio and SACD reproduction. Sit back, close your eyes and be swept up in a world of sonic perfection. Open your eyes and you’ll see that ideal sound is so much more than just a dream — it can be your reality.
TAD Speaker Design
 TAD Logo  Only the very best speaker components were considered for Pioneer’s new audio masterpiece: the EX Series. So it’s no surprise that TAD (Technical Audio Devices) speaker engineering is incorporated into these reference-class drivers. They were crafted with extreme precision by TAD experts, and adhere to their rigorous standards. TAD professional studio monitoring loudspeakers are the first choice in recording studios across the globe. They have set a standard for audio excellence and reliability, as recognized by many world-famous performers and professional sound engineers. The legacy began 30 years ago, and now TAD speakers can be found wherever the highest sound quality is required: studio monitors, concert hall speakers, cinema audio systems and more.
Beryllium Tweeter Diaphragm
 BE Logo The tweeter diaphragm is composed of Beryllium metal, which is extremely light and rigid. This has resulted in an ultra-strong tweeter diaphragm with perfectly solid piston performance. It precisely reproduces the audio signal. This pure and solid performing diaphragm makes Beryllium tweeters ideal for reproducing the high frequencies of DVD Audio and SACD, up to 100 kHz. These revolutionary audio formats recreate sound as it actually exists in the real world, with all its original artistic qualities intact.
Coherent Source Transducer

 CST Image To ensure that all sound — direct and reflected — arrives at the listening position with identical timbre, the EX Series employs TAD’s exclusive CST (Coherent Source Transducer) driver technology. The Beryllium tweeter is mounted in the center of the magnesium midrange driver, allowing the sound directivity to be precisely controlled at all frequencies. The resulting aligned sound delivery is extremely smooth and coherent. Unlike conventional drivers, the problems with phase and off-axis frequency response have been totally eradicated.