Wireless Network Adapter for Compatible A/V Receivers and Blu-ray Disc Players

  • Enjoy Wireless Access to Networked Receiver Features and Internet Radio
  • Easily Download Firmware Updates Wirelessly
  • Quick and Secure Set-up with WPS Wi-Fi Protected Set-up


The Power of Wireless
The AS-WL300 wireless network adapter makes your network ready Pioneer A/V receiver the ultimate control center of your home entertainment system providing wireless compatibility with the following exciting applications:

  • iControlAV2 remote app
  • AVNavigator Interactive Owners Manual
  • Internet Radio
  • DLNA┬« 1.5 Audio Streaming

Quick and Secure Set-up
WPS (Wi-Fi protected set-up) provides an easy 2 step set-up process for easy and secure network connection with WPS-enabled wireless routers. Simply connect the AS-WL300 to the back of compatible A/V receivers via the supplied USB power cable, press the WPS button on the WPS-enabled wireless router and then press the WPS button on the AS-WL300.

The AS-WL300 is compatible with the following models: 

Pioneer AV Receivers

VSX-1124-K, VSX-1024-K, VSX-824-K, SC-1523-K, SC-1323-K, SC-1223-K, VSX-1123-K, VSX-1023-K, VSX-823-K, VSX-1122-K, VSX-1021-K, VSX-1121-K

Elite AV Receivers
SC-89, SC-87, SC-85, SC-82, SC-81, VSX-80, VSX-44, SC-79, SC-77, SC-75, SC-72, SC-71, VSX-70, VSX-43, VSX-60,SC-61, SC-63,SC-65,SC-67,SC-68,VSX-50, VSX-51, VSX-52, VSX-53, SC-55, SC-57


Blu-ray Disc Players