What is AirPlay

What is Airplay®?

AirPlay takes your iTunes experience out of your computer and mobile device and moves it into your home. Using your WiFi network you can stream your music straight from your PC or Mac®, iPhone®, iPad® or iPod touch® to your Apple AirPlay enabled device at the touch of a button. Listen to your favorite song in your car using your iPhone®, leave your car mid song and walk into your home. Using the AirPlay App on your iPhone, select an AirPlay enabled Wireless Speaker or AV Receiver. The AirPlay enabled device will power up automatically and continue your favorite song right where you left off. Walk around your house with your iPhone, when a phone call comes in the music will fade and when the call is over the volume will return.

Wireless entertainment simplified

We’re living in a wireless world. Which is good news for music lovers, because it means now, you can wirelessly enjoy your music wherever you are. And since the smartphone has become the most essential wireless device in your day-to-day life, it was only a matter of time before someone introduced a Wi-Fi™ speaker with the broadest smartphone connectivity ever. That someone is Pioneer. And that speaker is our new Wireless Speaker: the most convenient source for bringing high fidelity and powerful bass sound to you anywhere you go.















Pioneer AirPlay Enabled Devices

• Select Pioneer receivers: VSX-822, VSX-1022, VSX-1122, VSX-1021, VSX-1121
• Select Elite receivers: VSX-42, VSX-60, SC-61, SC-63, SC-65, SC-67, SC-68, VSX-50, VSX-51, VSX-52, VSX-53, SC-55, SC-57
• Wireless Speakers: A1 (XW-SMA1-K), A3 (XW-SMA3-K), A4 (XW-SMA4-K)