Double Dock for iPod® & iPhone® Featuring Built-in Bluetooth, Internet Radio and DLNA® Compliance

  • Works with iPhone Certified
  • Dual Docks featuring Dual Mix play for shuffling between two Apple® devices
  • Built-in Bluetooth for wireless music transmission from A2DP Profile Bluetooth-enabled PCs and cell phones
  • Access to thousands of Internet radio stations1




With the ability to dock, charge, and play two iPod or iPhone devices simultaneously, everyone can be the life of the party. The XW-NAC3-K can shuffle playlists between both docked iPod devices at the same time, as well as stream music from Internet radio or network shares, and even play your video content on your HDTV using its composite video output. It's a great solution for parties, get-togethers, or anywhere there's a need to charge or listen to multiple Apple products.

iPod Compatibility and "Works with iPhone" Certification
Like most modern iPod docks, the DUO Series works with all recent models of iPod: iPod Classic, mini, nano®, and iPod touch®. But it's also "Works with iPhone"-certified, so you have maximum ease of use with all your favorite Apple products.

"Dual Mix Play" lets you play random songs from two docked iPods/iPhones simultaneously Full-Range Sound From a Compact Design
The DUO Series features two full range speakers, giving you strong audio performance from a dock with a small footprint. The DUO Series delivers an immersive audio experience for any gathering or home listening situation.

Internet Radio and DLNA-Certified Network Performance
The Pioneer XW-NAC3-K can tune into thousands of Internet radio stations using its integrated vTuner service Listen to a nearly limitless stream of pop, classical, blues, folk, talk radio, and more--so you'll never run out of new music to listen to when your friends' media players run dry.

The XW-NAC3-K is also fully DLNA™ 1.5-certified, allowing it to see shared drives on your home network. Pull music from your computer, your friend's laptop, or any other source that can share media files on a wireless network. You can even use your ipod as a visual interface between your computer and the XW-NAC3-K (PlugPlay app available in the Apple App Storesm) Simply connect the XW-NAC3-K to your router using an Ethernet cable to start streaming your entire digital music library and Internet radio.

Dual Mix Play: The Ultimate Way to Share Music
The Dual Mix Play feature allows you to enjoy content from one or both of the docked iPhone, iPod touch or iPod devices. While in shuffle mode, Dual Mix Play acts as a virtual DJ providing continous playback of music between the two docked players and fading the music in and out between songs.

Expand Your Connectivity with Bluetooth® and USB
For total flexibility, the DUO Series offers Bluetooth connectivity built right in. The integrated Bluetooth feature allows you to pair your iPhone, Blackberry® or Android™ smartphone, or other A2DP profile Bluetooth-enabled source to enjoy pleasing stereo sound from the dock, wirelessly.

You can even connect your USB sources such as flash drives in order to play your digital music or video files.

Composite Video Output Lets You Share Video on Your HDTV
The DUO Series features a composite video output so you can share your iPod or iPhone device's stored movie and TV video files, or stream directly from YouTube® to your regular HDTV

Built-In Sleep/Wake Timer
The XW-NAC3-K features a built-in sleep and wake timer with alarm for added convenience. Wake up to your favorite tunes, or set it to shut down the music when the party's over.

Technical Specifications
Dimensions: 16.2" W x 5.2" H x 6" D
• Speakers: 2 x full-range passive radiator speakers
• Video Output: 1 composite out
• Remote: Included

Audio Features
Freescale Audio DSP
2-Channel Dynamic Digital Amplifier
• Composite Video Output for Stored Movie, TV and Streaming Youtube® A/V Entertainment
• Compatible with and charges the following models: iPod Classic,
iPod Nano (2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th Generations), iPod touch (1st and
2nd Generations), iPhone, iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS

Works with iPhone Certified
• Allows you to use all of your iPhone device’s wireless and network features
• Charges your iPhone when in the dock
• Automatically mutes music and video during an incoming call

Networking Features
• Access to Thousands of Internet Radio Stations1
• DLNA Compliant for playback of music stored on multiple computers on your home network

Built-in Bluetooth Wireless Music and Control2
• Compatible with all A2DP Profile Bluetooth-enabled Devices
    - Pairs and receives wireless Bluetooth music transmissions from iPhone, iPod, Android smartphones, Blackberry devices, as well as Bluetooth enabled laptops, MACs and PCs.
• Advanced Sound Retriever AIR - restores parts of your digital music files lost during compression and Bluetooth transfer so your digital music sounds much closer to what the artist originally intended.

• Dual Mix play automatically shuffles between two iPod or iPhone devices.
• Dual iPhone/iPod Charging
• Separate Bass and Treble Controls (via iPod)
• Auxiliary Input (mini-jack)
• Sleep Timer
• Remote Control

• Unique, fun design works with any home décor
• High gloss pure white finish