Works with iPhone® Certified Dock for iPod® & iPhone

  • 2.1-Channel Full-range Speaker System with Built-in Downfiring Subwoofer
  • Charges your Apple® Product while in the Dock
  • Bluetooth® Ready for wireless music transmission from A2DP Profile Bluetooth-enabled PCs and cell phones (requires optional Pioneer Bluetooth adapter (AS-BT100)
  • Ultra-rigid Double Frame Construction



Pioneer® XW-NAS3-K Dock for iPod® and iPhone®: Don't Compromise Your Portable Music

You're an audio perfectionist. You don't want to compromise your sound, even--perhaps especially--when it comes to your portable digital music. You love the convenience of carrying your favorite tunes everywhere on your iPod® or iPhone® device, but when you're ready to take out the earbuds, do you really want to settle for the poor performance of a wimpy speaker system?

Pioneer's Audition Series is the answer. You don't have to compromise audio quality when it comes to reproducing your digital music files. With its clean, modern styling and rich 2.1-channel sound with a dedicated built-in subwoofer, your portable music has never sounded so good on a compact unit. And with an optional Bluetooth® adapter, any one of your portable A2DP profile Bluetooth-enabled audio devices can benefit from the Audition Series' incredible sound.

"Made for iPod" and "Works with iPhone" Certified
The Audition Series is "Made for iPod" certified on all recent models of iPod: iPod Classic, mini, nano®, and iPod touch®. But it's also "Works with iPhone"-certified, so you have maximum ease of use with all your favorite Apple® products. And unlike other docks that use analog, the Audition Series features a true digital connection with your Apple media player, ensuring bit-perfect audio.

Expand Your Connectivity with Optional Bluetooth
For total flexibility, the Audition Series offers Bluetooth connectivity with an optional adapter (sold separately). Models with the optional Pioneer AS-BT100 adapter installed allow you to pair your iPhone, BlackBerry®, Android or other smartphone, as well as your PC, laptop or other A2DP profile Bluetooth-enabled source to enjoy pleasing stereo sound from the dock, wirelessly. If you already have an AS-BT100 adapter for use with your compatible Pioneer home theater system, that adapter is also compatible with the Audition Series--just plug the adapter into the dock's adapter port.

Dedicated Subwoofer for Rich 2.1-Channel Sound
The Audition Series features two 52mm full range speakers as well as a separate down-firing subwoofer, giving you unimaginably rich sound from a dock with a small footprint. You don't need to lug around a huge dock to get portable sound that's comparable to your home stereo--the Audition Series delivers an immersive audio experience with custom-tuned design by Pioneer's EX Speaker engineering team.

Double-Isolated Cabinet Eliminates Resonance
Conventional docks typically can't withstand loud volumes; even if the wattage can deliver it, a weak cabinet design often results in shaking and unpleasant "buzzing" or resonance at high volumes that dilutes the listening experience. But the Audition Series features a double-isolated enclosure that virtually eliminates cabinet resonance, meaning you can get a clean, accurate sound response.

Component and Composite Video Output Lets You Share Video on Your HDTV
The Audition Series features component and composite video outputs, meaning you can share stored movie and TV video files from your iPod or iPhone, or stream directly from YouTube® to your HDTV.

iPod Compatibility: http://pioneer.jp/homeav/support/ios/na/

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